Preserving that real taste and fragrance

Preserving that real taste and fragrance

Growers of Shankarpura Mallige and Mattu Gulla can now heave a sigh of relief as both the horticulture crops have received the trademark with brand logo and brand name from the Central government. The two crops are special varieties of jasmine and brinjal, respectively.

Dr Satish, deputy director of the Horticulture department, told Deccan Herald that this was aimed at preventing horticulture crops from getting duplicated. He said that the crops had already received Geographical Indication (GI). However, there is duplication of the crops in and around the region. People grow other varieties of brinjal and call them Mattu Gulla. The same is the case with Shankarpura Mallige.

He said following the new development, growers will have the authority over their crops, as it is a punishable offence if they are duplicated, he said. The duplication had led to problems for farmers who grow the original varieties. The Horticulture department helped the growers register both the crops with Intellectual Property India (IP India), Chennai, under the Union government.

Following this, GI tag was accorded to both the crops. IP India has now provided trademark, comprising brand name and brand logo to the two crops. Any person duplicating the crops will be punished under the Trademark Act, 1999. The punishment involves imprisonment and fine.

The growers will have one problem, though. They have to cultivate and market the crops through the respective growers’ associations that have been given the brand name and brand logo.

Accordingly, cultivators have to follow norms put forth by the associations. The associations will decide the prices of the crops. The growers and middlemen will have no say in it. The brand name and logo are valid all over India.The development will prove to be an advantage for buyers of both Shankarpura Mallige and Mattu Gulla