The twist in the tale

The twist in the tale

The twist in the tale

Prajwal Devaraj has his hands full. He is a passionate actor who believes in chasing his dreams whatever it takes. 

Although, he is busy with his home production, he took time off to promote and watch his just-released project, Jamboo Savari, where he plays the role of a petty thief opposite actress Nikki. 
 Prajwal confesses that he always wanted to play a humourous role and this character gave him the chance to explore and exploit the comedian in him.

 “I wear colourful clothes and find pleasure in stealing small things. I have played around with the mannerisms and body language. I was asked to keep it constant throughout the film but I have managed to smuggle in a few twists and turns in the character.

That in itself has made it interesting,” he shares.  Talking about the character, Prajwal says that one of the funny things that he does after stealing something is using his saliva to style his hair and make it look spiky. That was the grossest thing I’ve ever done and I swear never to do it again. 

In addition to this, I  also walk and talk in a particular style after I’ve stolen something. Those scenes will surely make people laugh,” he adds.  
About the title, Jamboo Savari, Prajwal says, “The story takes a different twist when a Ganesha idol gets stolen and lands up in the hands of an innocent girl played by Nikki.

She gets dragged into the mess for no fault of hers. The journey to unravel the mystery behind the missing idol is Jamboo Savari.  

Prajwal can’t stop raving about his costar Nikki,  “Nikki is a brilliant actress and I’ve acted with his sister but I really didn’t think she would venture into acting. Interestingly, she’s talkative on and off the screen which makes her a lively character,” he sums up.