Sony, you can't be serious!

Sony, you can't be serious!

Having waited with bated breath what Sony Six would deliver after winning the rights to showcase the biggest sporting event in the world, I must say I was left utterly disappointed. Gaurav Kapur hosting the pre-match show in the illustrious company of John Abraham. The only expression that came across my mind was John McEnroe’s famous line ‘You can’t be serious’.

What was Sony Network thinking. For God’s sake this is not the Indian Premier League -- a domestic cricket event created purely to entertain -- where his quirky jokes and mannerism could sell. This is the biggest sporting event in the world that attracts almost everybody and the watching public definitely needs some serious returns.

It was just not me who shared this sentiment. There was a barrage of jokes on the social networking world within moments of the show ‘Cafe Rio’ going on air. “Gaurav Kapur & John Abraham on #CafeRio = Robert Vadra & Rahul Gandhi discussing economics! still shocked.” noted a fan.

“As I thought Gaurav Kapoor will be trending and now he is. Looks like college kids managing @SonySIX Disappointed by ur panel,” added another fan, very bluntly.

One fan took it to the next level. “Get some real talent #sonygoofedup.Gaurav Kapoor + John Abraham. Television just went beyond full retard. What a bunch of morons.”

It’s not that I — like plenty of others who have who expressed their disappointment — have something personal against Gaurav or John. The reason is pretty simple.

For football enthusiasts like me who tune into Star Sports every weekend to catch the English Premier League, we have gotten accustomed to the articulate presentation of John Dykes and team. The show touches upon everything football fanatics desire for -- from strategies to big blunders, from deep analysis of the games to moves that made the difference. All this is shown from various angles and slow motion. In short, the programmes make you a football pundit in due course of time.

There is no harm in learning from your rivals. It’s what makes you better. An event like the World Cup comes once in four years and having got the rights months in advance they should have planned for a better panel.

It may be too late for Sony to change things, but they definitely need to learn from this blunder to stop hearing comments like ‘Somebody please show Gaurav Kapoor a red card.’