Comfortable with the small screen

Comfortable with the small screen

Comfortable with the small screen

Veteran actress Sarika has shared screen space with Amitabh Bachchan in the past, but when she was offered a key role in Yudh, Big B’s fiction debut on TV, her initial attraction was to again star with the megastar.

Sarika, who herself is making her TV debut, plays Big B’s first wife in the forthcoming fiction TV series, which has Anurag Kashyap as its creative director and Shoojit Sircar as creative consultant. 
The two actors have appeared in four films, including Sircar’s yet-to-release ‘Shoebite’. She says that the first reason that she agreed to do the show was because of Amitabh.

“When they came to me for this...the first reason I wanted to do it was because of Mr Bachchan. It is an absolute pleasure and at times it’s very disturbing because he is so good at everything,’’ she said.

“His energy level, discipline and feel you should have come before him or should have more energy than him. But all that translates into very good work. He is genuinely something. The way he works is very different from others. His schedule is amazing,” she added.

Sarika’s younger daughter Akshara also got the opportunity to work with the megastar in R Balakrishnan’s upcoming film Shamitabh and the star mom is happy.
“Both the things are happening together. Working with him is very interesting,” says the actress, who is glad that all three, including her elder daughter Shruti Hassan, are working at the same time.

Sarika, who takes up projects on the basis of the script, role and then director or actor, is looking forward to her first TV show. She says that the small screen medium is going through change.

“I watch TV because it’s a part of my profession and part of my decision-making. I must watch it to say yes or no to the industry. It is going through a period of change. What is there (emotional dramas) will always be there. At least 10 of them are still going on. Why? Because people are watching them,’’ she adds.

“That will always remain, but we are also making space for something new. See how much of English TV (shows) have come in like ‘Revenge’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ which they didn’t (watch) earlier.”