Water 'fraud' creates ruckus on DU campus

Water 'fraud' creates ruckus on DU campus

Plain tap water passed off as bottled stuff

After Delhi University students created ruckus over free water outlets serving ordinary tap water to admission seekers, varsity officials were forced to cancel the contract.

The university has now planned to serve water packed in glasses to students. 

Post noon on Thursday, students at university’s north campus grew suspicious when they saw a private water supplier drawing water from a tap. Some eight 20-litre empty bottles were loaded on his cycle-cart. The university had entered into a ‘verbal’ contract on running the water outlet.

“We will not allow you to go unless your contractor comes here,” said a law student, Vikas Verma to the supplier, Anil Jain. Jain claimed that the university had not asked them to supply ‘RO purified’ water.

“This is fresh water. Everybody drinks it,” he argued. And after DU’s chief security officer was rushed to the site, students asked him to call the police – so that an FIR could be registered. The chief engineer, Rajendra Singh ordered cancellation of all contracts with the supplier. 

“We will supply free packaged glass water now,” he told students. Two days after the university started selling pre-admission forms, free water outlets were started for admission seekers reeling under the heat.

Relief to students

“Our intention was to give relief to students from the summer heat. We had also set up canopies at the admission counters in various colleges,” said a university official. 

Using the incident as an instance, the students discussed university’s lacklustre approach in supplying ‘safe’ drinking water on the campus. 

“There is no RO purified water available in the central library,” said Rajiv Kumar, a student present at the site.

“Even the law faculty doesn’t have water coolers,” said another student. The university officials told students that they should write an application.

“All the DU colleges have funds for these basic facilities. It can be released immediately by them,” said the university official.