High on design and creativity

High on design and creativity

High on design and creativity

Umbro believes that creativity and constant experimentation have helped the brand stay ahead of its competitors.

It has a different take on everything and the courage to challenge convention.

It stocks a range of funky trackpants, for men and women, fitted T-shirts, jackets and sleeveless T-shirts in addition to accessories such as sippers, balls and hand bands to mention a few.

Kamal, marketing head, Umbro explains that the brand has been successful in benchmarking the fits of all the major players in the sports brand segment.

“The workmanship in the garment is done to give the best of performance and comfort. This is our USP,” reasons Kamal.

One might think that sports brands have many limitations when it comes to designing the clothes to make it look attractive but Umbro has dared to play around with its designs to make every piece of garment look attractive.

Trendy cuts and bright colours have been lavishly used in all their designs.

“We have used bright and trendy colours inspired by the nations playing the World Cup. We have used crew neck, polo neck, cut and sew in tops and T-shirts and in the bottoms, there are three-fourths and trackpants with a lot of emphasis on cut and sew design,” adds Kamal.

The brand stocks an enviable range of T-shirts in interesting colours such as blue, sunny lemon yellow, impeccable white and midnight black just to mention a few.

One has the option to team these attractive tops with a pair of denim jeans, three-fourth pants or just flip-flops.

The texture of the clothing not only makes it stylish but comfortable to wear as well.

Kamal states, “The brand emphasises on colours and silhouette is one of the key elements for any sportswear.”

Profit is secondary for the brand as it believes in creating products that are high in quality. The team keeps a track of the changing fashions and incorporates the same in the brand’s designs.

“We have a quality and technical team dedicated to quality checks as per set standards. For every style, we have multi-layered checkpoints to ensure that the products are of high quality,” notes Kamal.

Accessorising is an indispensable part of dressing up. “There is an interesting range of bag-packs, caps, sippers, socks, slippers and soccer equipments along with footwear and apparel to give a complete ensemble to the brand,” he sums up.

Neelam, I year BSc, International College Of Science And Information, wore a yellow
T-shirt and paired it with black shorts.

“The T-shirt, shorts and shoes had the same grip and comfort with no compromise on quality. Every piece of garment at the store has a character and identity of its own.”

Price: T-shirt (Rs 599) and shorts (Rs 799).

Kovid Mittal, final year engineering, CMRIT, slipped into an orange T-shirt and chose black trousers to go with it.

“The contrast is attractive and I always prefer bright and stylish gym wear, which I have found in this brand.”

Price: T-shirt (Rs 599) and trackpants (Rs 1,199).

Akshatha, final year engineering, CMRIT, picked up a pink T-shirt and wore it with grey shorts.

“There’s a good collection for women which is generally not the case in most stories. The colours are bright and trendy for sportswear. It has focused on particular body types which is a good thing.”

Price: T-shirt (Rs 599) and shorts (Rs 799).

Mohammed Hasnain, III year BCom, Indo Asian College, picked up a sleeveless blue T-shirt and paired it with black shorts.

“The sleeveless T-shirt is cool and comfortable and fits well. The designs are not only attractive but the prices are reasonable and affordable.”

Price:  T-shirt (Rs 599) and  shorts (Rs 799).

Nikitha, II year law, CMR Law College, slipped into an orange T-shirt and matched it with grey trackpants.

 “The clothing is comfortable. What’s interesting is the outfit is designed to reflect style and perfect for anyone who is conscious both about fitness and looking good.”

Price: T-shirt (Rs 5,99) and trackpants (Rs 1,199).

Aqib Faraaz, III year BBM, Indian Academy, wore a white T-short and paired it with black shorts.

“The clothes are really comfortable and reflect true sportmanship. It’s not only got style but fit perfectly well. The colours are bright and attractive.”

Price: T-shirt (Rs 599) and shorts (Rs 799).