Will strive to get more benefits to Karnataka: Ibrahim

Will strive to get more benefits to Karnataka: Ibrahim

Will strive to get more benefits to Karnataka: Ibrahim

Newly appointed Karnataka Planning Board Deputy Chairman C M Ibrahim today said he is hopeful of getting benefits to the state from the central government as he was "close" to the Union Ministers.

"This time Karnataka is very powerful at the Centre. Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister. Arun Jaitley, who is Union Finance Minister, is my close friend. Ananth Kumar is at the front and D V Sadananda Gowda at the right. Such being the case, why shouldn't the state get benefitted?," he told reporters here after taking charge as Board Deputy Chairman.

The board plays a key role in recommending fund allocation to various development programmes and offering help in formulation and implementation of annual plans.

Ibrahim enjoys the privileges of a cabinet minister, and all ministers will be consulting him before launching any new programmes and on other important issues.

Ibrahim said he would meet all the Central leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Jaitley to seek benefits from the Centre.

In the light of the responsibility given to him, Ibrahim said he would not indulge in party politics and would work within the framework of the federal structure.

"I will work within the framework of the federal spirit. Whatever the political differences, in the interest of the nation and the state we will not adopt conflicting stance," he added.

The board, chaired by the Chief Minister, was set up in 1993 to advise government on various plans, schemes and priorities of the state. The board consists of the chairman, deputy chairman, official members from various departments and non-official members who are experts and academicians.

Asked whether the government has any plans to elevate the standard of living of the poor instead of doling out schemes, Ibrahim said, "We believe in the philosophy of not giving fish to them, but teaching them to catch one."

He said he also held a meeting today and discussed the ways for giving benefits to Above Poverty Line cardholders. "....We plan to give 50 per cent of the benefits to them what BPL category beneficiaries are getting now."

The meeting also discussed plans to introduce a monitoring system to supervise implementation of public welfare schemes at district level.