A course to cruise through future

A course to cruise through future

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Most colleges have widened their scope to include lifeskill-related courses as an important and indispensable part of the curriculum. 

The managements of most colleges across the City make an effort to not only draw up a curriculum on lifeskills but also rope in the best in the field to take the students through the subject of lifeskills and draw up interesting sessions to equip them on how to intelligently and creatively integrate lifeskills into the regular curriculum. 

Metrolife interacted with a few students to understand why lifeskill courses have become more of a necessity these days. One of the first things that most colleges do is to introduce the newcomers to a certificate course on lifeskills. 

They are briefed about the benefits of such a course and how it increases productivity and confidence to face any situation. 

The students say that they were introduced to the basics of lifeskills right from school and that the core values learnt in school are being strengthened in college. 

Pavan Srinivas, who has cleared the CLAT exam of the National Law School of India University with a top rank, says, “Lifeskills help in the all-round development of a student. They equip you with the right inter-personal skills that not only give you confidence but help you deal with tough situations.” 

Meghana Chandy, a first-year pre-university student at CMR National PU College, thinks lifeskills help in personality development.

 “The values that are taught during these sessions help students become open-minded. They enhance your confidence and personally after a course in lifeskills. I have been able to stand up and confront people who have put me down in the past,” reasons Meghana.  

Ruchika, a first-year commerce student at Mount Carmel College says, “Lifeskills not only make you a better person but teaches you how to practise critical thinking and look at everything around you from a creative angle. These skills indirectly help handle the stress of academics,” she says.   

Fr Augustine, vice-principal of Kristu Jayanti College, feels that lifeskills do a lot of good to students. 

“The certified course on lifeskills that we offer here in a tie-up with Rajiv Gandhi University in Chennai, incorporates the virtues and values of life which teach students how to handle stress and analyse complicated situations in an easy way.

 It involves encouraging the students to spend time in critical and creative thinking and problem-solving,” explains Augustine.