Entering the portals of knowledge

Entering the portals of knowledge

Fresh chapter

Excited, nervous and anxious faces flooded the campus of Mount Carmel College (MCC). Freshers were charged and geared up to sit through their orientation programme, ready to make a mark for themselves, in their stint at MCC.

The cacophonic morning saw students running helter-skelter to find the auditorium and calling out to their friends. Very soon, the high-pitched, chirpy voices died down as students took their seats to watch the programme. 

Inspiring quotes that were playing on the projector stopped, the music reached a crescendo and the juniors found themselves clinging on to every word.

Varsha, a student who had joined BCom, was extremely excited. “I studied in Ryan International School and this is going to be a new experience. I joined MCC because it is one of the most reputed colleges. The campus offers a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities and I hope to hone out my talents here.”

A warm welcome was extended to the freshers by seniors after which they sang a melodious invocation song and the college anthem. 

The principal started the programme on a positive note by inspiring them with the success stories of the past and assuring them that they had chosen the right place to spend their college years. 

The faculty listed out the rules of the campus and familiarised them with the academic course work, discipline around college, sports teams, cultural teams, extra-curricular activities and research facilities in college. Students also got a glimpse of the placement cell. The highlight of the event was the western and Indian dance feature.

Prerna, who is from Patna, said, “I came to Bangalore to study because of the opportunities the City has to offer. I also play basketball and since MCC has a really great team, I hope to play basketball here. It is a good educational hub as well.”

 Dhruvi from Venkat International Public School said that she chose MCC because it was an all girls’ college and hence she felt it was a safe bet. “It is also one of the best colleges and has sports as an option. It offers a lot certificate courses and I can explore my talent here.” 

Dr Sundaravalli, one of the members of the student welfare, said that she was looking forward to seeing a lot of fresh faces in the campus. “We mainly aim to prepare them for the future and guide them so that they can make their mark in the outside world. We have tailor-made groups and committees for students that can help them display their talent. However, the most important value we wish to inculcate is sensitivity to social issues. We want our students to be compassionate and sensible citizens,” she said.

 It was only when the seniors showed them the hotspots around college that students realised that they were part of higher education system and a member of the Carmelite family, with a plethora of expectations riding on them.