Getting ready for a big start

Getting ready for a big start

Promising days

The first-year students of CMR National PU College looked very confident as they entered the college premises on day one. They were quite sure of what they wanted to do, thanks to the support given to them by their parents and the college management.

The students were asked to come to the college a day before the re-opening date just to get acclimatised to the new environment. 

There was an orientation programme, in which the students and parents participated in full strength. 

Nandini Nagaraj, the college principal, gave them an insight into the various courses that the college offered, the discipline of the institution and the campus culture. 

The students feel that the next two years will be crucial, considering that most students are working towards getting into professional courses like medicine or engineering.|

 It’s not only working to secure good grades but most students have been attending extra coaching classes and preparing themselves to write various entrance exams that are only two years from now.

 Palak Shrivastava, first-year science stream of CMR, says, “I chose this college because it stands for quality education, offers ample opportunities for inter-collegiate activities and encourages overall personal development with focus on results and growth.”  Palak adds, “The college's calender is appropriately filled with several extra-curricular activities and I believe students taking part in these competitions will experience a boost in their confidence.” 
Pavan C, in the commerce stream, was in Kannada medium until class eight, “I joined this college because I wanted to learn and improve my English and develop my communication skills. The faculty and fellow students automatically make you confident.” 

Suman Dash, a science student who has enrolled for IIT coaching, says that she hopes to get into a professional course in any of the IITs across the country, “There’s no strict deadline that I follow when preparing for my exams or entrance tests but I try and stick to a routine study habit so that I can get good grades and prepare for the entrances,” she says.