Stolen BMTC bus found abandoned in AP

Stolen BMTC bus found abandoned in AP

A BMTC bus - KA 01 FA 2388 - allegedly stolen by unidentified persons from Majestic late on Sunday night was on Monday traced near Gooty, Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh, about 300 km from the City. 

The bus operated between Magadi Road and Kempegowda Bus Station (KBS) was found abandoned by the local police who informed the BMTC authorities in Bangalore. A team was sent there to drive the bus back to Bangalore. It is said no spare part was stolen.

The Upparpet police said they could not probe the incident as the BMTC officials did not lodge a complaint as the bus has been traced. They told the police that they did not wish to get into a legal problem.

The BMTC authorities failed to come up with a convincing reply as to why they did not approach the police after the bus went missing. The police also could not get proper
 answers as to what the driver, conductor and depot manager did to trace the bus.

The bus was in the possession of driver Ramesh and conductor Sanganna Basavaiah. Instead of parking it at KBS, they parked it on service road opposite the City Railway Station and went for dinner at 10:30 pm. 

They returned to find the bus missing and alerted their higher-ups, the police said. It is said a person wearing a BMTC uniform got into the bus and drove it away.

Insiders’ role suspected

The police suspect the involvement of insiders, especially those suspended or facing disciplinary action. 

Most times, the driver or conductor fails to get buses to reach their destinations after completing the day’s shift. Instead of handing over possession of the buses, they drive them till their destination and abandon them. 

In most cases, nothing was found missing in the stolen BMTC buses, the police said.The incidents of BMTC buses being stolen are on the rise. The BMTC staff were flabbergasted when they realised that one of their buses parked on the service road was stolen on the night of March 28. 

The bus was found abandoned near Hoskote the next day. The incident took place at 11.30 pm when the bus conductor and the driver went out for dinner.

The BMTC staff said that in previous instances, batteries were found missing. They said some drivers, working with private operators might be behind such acts.