Mango mania all the way!

Mango mania all the way!

Mango mania all the way!

The many unseen forms of mango were visible at the ‘The 29 shades of Mango’, launched by Just Bake, at the Press Club on Tuesday. The concept was introduced to get people to taste the 29. varieties of mango-flavoured cakes for free.

The products included Western desserts with an Indian twist – mousse, cheesecake, pastries, donuts and more with a variety of mango infusions in the products. 

Bangenapalli sandwich, white chocolate sindhoori and totapuri pops were just a few of the interesting products. 

“There are two concepts for this event. Since we are the fastest growing bakery channel, this is our way of thanking the people who have been with us from nine years. We are planning on giving a million samples.

This being the mango season, we have made it a mango fest. It’s the biggest free sampling exercise and you need to send a text to receive a free coupon to try out these 29 varieties of mango cakes,” explained Rami Reddy, managing director, Just Bake.

“From mango cupcakes and chocolates to cakes, we have used all the nine shades of mango and made this unique theme.

This is like a Santhe that we witness in the City. After entering the 2011 Guinness Book of Records for a fruit cake, we wish to create another one by giving out the country’s largest sampling and we are doing it in four flavours for this year starting from mango, chocolate, strawberry and spices,” adds Vijay Geddam, Sales Director.   

This offer will be on for the next 15 days. One has to send an SMS with ‘JD Mango’ to 56677 to avail a coupon in any of their outlets.