The night of German blitzkrieg

The night of German blitzkrieg

Match Struck

The football fever is running pretty high in the City. Keeping this in mind, screens have been put up in various places for fans to view the matches. Chancery Pavilion’s Ithaca restaurant played host for the big game in the Group G match between Germany and Portugal. 

The audience gathered there were glued to the screens rather than the meals they had ordered. They cheered and sat on the edge of their seats as the intensity of the place grew with every stride. One group of audience made it cheerful into the night when Germany broke Portugal’s defence making it 4-0 at the end of 90 minutes of play. 

The digital screen has been put up at Ithaca to screen all the matches live as and when it happens. “Customers who are mostly foreigners come here for business purposes. The screen here is on throughout the night because of the timings of the matches. So people who come here for dinner can catch up their favourite teams playing while they eat,” says Naveen, supervisor, Ithaca . 

“I am from Germany so I couldn’t have asked for more. It’s great to keep track of your team even while away from home. It’s dinner time and what can be better than your team playing their best and making the meal worth it? Hope they win tonight,” said Frank Jagon, a mechanic engineer from Germany, who was enjoying the match.

The bets were on and so were the predictions at every table. People were seeing if Ronaldo could make it a night. But it was the German supporters who were all over the place taking the bets and smiling through the win. 

One such supporter was Saidi Nassor from Tanzania. “It’s very good to have a big screen while we are at dinner. My friend forced me to come down the room and have it here.

 And I don’t regret it. I’m glad I came and saw Germany score four times with Muller doing the hat-trick. I told my friend that this would be the result and I’m happy.” 

“A few of my friends are rooting for Portugal and expecting Rolando to do better. Today’s result is one-sided and Germany has shown why they are one of the big names in this year’s tournament. It’s a great start and I hope they are fearless all the way,” says Rishab Jain, who was having dinner with his friends and enjoying Germany’s performance.