Shankar Market gets a snazzy look

Shankar Market gets a snazzy look


A drove of office goers, working class folks and students, drive by this market to pick their favourite meals- rajma, kadhi, chhole chawal etc, from the kiosks operating round-the-clock, during a day.

 On the other side runs a stretch of road chock-a-block with outlets selling fancy ladies suits and fabric, buzzing with the sound of negotiations, tailors shouting out measurements to their assistants as they attend to old and new customers in the market.

It would be unfair to call Shankar Market a place that figures low on footfall. But yes, the dull white block of shopping complex definitely doesn't entice a first timer, that too a youngster, to be pulled into its direction. 

Breathing a fresh breath of life into this commercial market right in the midst of Connaught Place, New Delhi Municipal Council roped in Delhi Street Art (DSA), over the last weekend for a much-needed snazzy makeover. 

Founder of DSA, Yogesh Saini, says, “When NDMC approached us to give a facelift to the lacklustre buildings in this market, I almost jumped at the idea of giving it a rainbow-like pattern.” 

The market that is usually frequented by its old time customers is dappled in VIBGYOR hues as DSA painted seven of its blocks in the different hues of a rainbow. The eighth still needs a dash of colour to put a zing to its facade. 
“We wanted to add the feeling of vibrance to this place for youngsters to hangout here. So, the artists painted motifs inspired by music, dance and shopping to create an appealing mood. We have also suggested to NDMC to open rooftop cafes to further add to the cool quotient of this market.”

As you amble inside the market, a wall art of two identical but inverted faces drawn up on a red wall welcomes you. Aman Pratap Singh, a student of College of Art, who came up with this idea, says, “I like to defy conventions.

Frankly, we were all directed to work upon themes such as lifestyle, music and youth, but I wanted to add another dimension to my work, without spilling the beans with a simplistic message.” 

Aman’s wall art connects the two inverted images through a beautiful blue drape. Explaining his work, he says, “I had been reading about lucid dreaming. When you see my art, you would see the two faces connected by a blue drape, as if they were two facets of a dream, a good and a bad one.”

While Aman chose to go all whimsical, there were others who painted messages such as Stay Calm, Keep Shopping; the motif of Facebook’s ‘like’ button, and also created a snazzy touch keeping in mind the idea of groovy music. 

DSA had earlier worked with NDMC to paint the dustbins and create awareness about maintaining cleanliness in Lodhi Gardens. Next time you stroll around this corner of CP, you would be in for a colourful surprise and a lot of food for thought, along with your platter of rajma-chawal.