Sold out on Indian culture and cuisine

Sold out on Indian culture and cuisine

Seated cosily on a table of one’s choice, relishing spoonfuls of hot Thai curry at Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon, one feels compelled to call and appreciate the chef.

Surprisingly, a lady dressed in a pristine white uniform, wearing a shy, childlike smile appro­ac­hes and introduces herself as chef Rungtiva Sorlae, competely disarming Metrolife.

Chef Sorlae is presently in the city for the ongoing Thai Food Festival at the hotel. Cooking and serving her guests with her signature smile, she says, “I first came to India in 2008 for a month long Thai food promotion.

 My senior, who taught me Thai cuisine, was also working here and I decided to work under her supervision.” 
An Executive Thai Chef at JW Marriott Chandigarh, Sorlae admits that “the culture of India” attracted her “big time”, adding that she attended a few traditional Indian marriages and got a deeper understanding of the country’s culture. 

“I could see many Indians wearing their traditional dresses and liked the fact that this concept is still strong in India. When I go back to Thailand (my home), two things that I will take back with me will be ‘Indian food’ and ofcourse ‘how to wear a saree’,” she laughs revealing her new found talent in both.

“I definitely like Indian cuisine and having now stayed in India for five years, I can say that my favourite is biryani, dosa and chicken curry,” she says while sharing that she has also tried her hands at cooking Indian cuisine. “I know how to make dosa, chicken curry in home-style and dal tadka. I make all these for myself.” 

A sense of delight seeps in her voice as she mentions these dishes and enjoys the fact that “Thai cuisine is as popular in India as Pizza or Pasta.”

“Most of the guests know about Thai food and have a palate for Thai curry, Thai salads, Thai noodles such as Phad Thai and other dishes.

It is popular since it has different varieties of salad, stir fry and curries,” something that even Indian cuisine has. But beyond the curries, the lady has even indulged herself in Dilli ki Chaat and paranthas. 

“I like chaat the most,” she says smacking her lips. And, “I like to travel and explore new places. So if I am not doing anything, then I love to go to different restaurants to try their food,” she says with a winsome smile. Given the culinary magic she spins we await her return to the City.