Today's letter

Today's letter

No holiday on Rajyotsava Day

Sir, Central Government has released the list of closed holidays for the year 2010 (DH-13/dec/2009)

In the list 1 of November has not been declared as a holiday. We all know that last year  Kannada language has been declared as Official language. Its unfortunate that it has not  declared as Govt., holiday. Only some central Govt., offices will declare holiday for Kannada Rajyotsava in Karnataka.

Hence I hereby request the Co-ordination Committee of Central Govt., Employees  Federation to take a decision and declare Rajyotsava day as a closed holiday in Karnataka with immediate effect . And co-operate in the interset of Central Govt., employees in Karnataka.

Venkatesha Murthy C.A.

Serious crime, low punishment

Though the murder of Indian Oil sales officer Manjunath took place 4 years ago, the death sentence on the killer Pawan MIttal was commuted to life term now by the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court is the least one can expect.

All the six culprits, including the five under accused, could have been hanged.It is a pity how can one expect a severe punishment when the Parliament attacker and the lone survivor in the Mumbai Taj Hotel shoot out case are still cooling their heels in the prisons with all comforts. Unless death sentence/capital punishment is not introduced for crimes of this magnitude, a day is not far off that similar offenders will have a field day.


Dangerous situation

Sir, It is a very unfortunate that  the passive and quiet  Rayalaseemaites and Andhras have been woken up to a very dangerous situation.

The Center underestimated the damage  the carving out of Telangana would bring.

It is was a very  immature hence an irresponsible  decision.

To make matters very clear  it is imperative that T R S be told in clear terms that unless the public, represented by the Members of the Assembly,gives a clear verdict in favour of Telangana ,Andhra Pradesh cannot be dissected.

Unless the Centre puts its foot down-which has shown it is shaky- very firmly, K C R and his team of self-servers cannot be kept on the hook.

Immediate passage of the resolution is the need of the hour.

k N ramachander sastry.

Linguistic states

If there are demands for formation of more and more new states after Telangana, the Congress has to blame itself and the then PM Nehru who opened the pandora's box by creating a number of linguistic states when he was forced to concede Andhra after the death of Potti Sriramulu in his fast-unto-death for the creation of Andhra state.

When once Andhra was created other states like Maharashtra,Gujarat,Karnatak etc came into being.The same trend is now contiuing with the demands for Vidharbha,Poorvanchal,Budelkhand,Harit Pradesh,Ghorkha Land etc.

The Congress party cannot blame anybody else except itself and Nehru for it.


 Change name to Telangana

Sir, In order to solve the problem in Andhra Pradesh, it may be suggested to change the name of the state as Telangana.  All legislators of Rayalaseema and Andhra regions being against the bifurcation of the state and are in a majority, a Bill for the purpose can be passed without difficulty.  KCR can object neither to the name nor having more than 9 districts under the name of Telangana.  
The name is apt also, since the entire state speaks Telugu.  But, of course, the genuine grievances of the present Telangana region have to redressed soon.

Verghese P. John
13 A Main, HAL II Stage
Bangalore - 560 008

Splitting India
Recently a Chinese scholar had suggested splitting India into several parts / countries thereby achieve their purpose in establishing their supremacy. Perhaps this scholar had not thought that we indians led by our politicians are equally capable of achieving their goal. The Chinese need not even invest their time and money on their endeavour. The Telangana issue followed by a spurt in demand from several quarters for separate states amply proves this.

RMV Clusters Phase 2,
Devinagar Extension,
Bangalore - 560 094

As soon as Yediyurappa took over as Chief Minister,  many task forces were constituted (similar to  S.M Krishna's regime) viz-ABIDE-for Bangalore Development ,State Planning Board, Knowledge commission,science and technology task force etc under the leadership of eminent experts

As citizens and tax payers - we are wondering  what has happend to these groups, are they still functioning , have they recommanded any suggestions, if so, has the Government implemented  them

5th block Jayanagar
Bangalore -41
No need of fresh enactment

Before taking a decision on the recommendations of the Law Commission regarding the thorny issue of religious conversions for entering into a bigamous marriage, the government should take a look at various verdicts delivered by the courts on such matters.
On more than one occasion, the judiciary has unequivocally declared these marriages of convenience as null and void ab initio, and hence, not maintainable under the law of the land. These verdicts, therefore, obviate the need for any fresh enactment on the part of the government.

Arun Malankar,
Sunder Nagar No 3,
Kalina, Santa Cruz (E),
Mumbai 400098
Sharing river water
      The people of Karnataka are not concerned about which Govt. is ruling the state,either Congress or,JD(S) or the present regime headed by the BJP,and all that the people want is that no discrimination should be meted about the sharing the water from either Cauvery or Krishna or the present crisis about the sharing of water from Mahadayi river water to the extent of its due share of 7.5 tmcft. of water to be flown to Hublic-Dharwad and severable villages and small towns.
     It is most unfortunate that the MPs from karnataka are keeping divine silent though gross injustice is meted out to karnataka in all matters including the justifiable sharing of waters from various rivers,and they should open their eyes and take up the issue of gross injustice meted out to the people of karnataka at the earliest.
     Therefore the Govt. of Karnataka should pull up the MPS from Karnataka to take up the issue of the just demand of its share of river water with the central Govt. on the floor of parliament on a top priority basis.
B S Raghavendra Rao,
Sterling Terraces,
BSK 3rd.Stage,


Now the UP Chief .minister Mayawati writes to PM, seeks creation of separate Poorvanchal. Actually after the Centre’s go-ahead for a separate Telangana State seems to hasten the demand for many new states, including Rayalaseema, Vidharbha, Bundelkhand, Purvanachal Pradesh, Gorkhaland, and god knows how many? Though the formation of Telengana state decided by few top minister and Ms Sonia Gandhi but to many the decision to bifurcate a state is a Constitutional one and needs to be take via a Constitutional process. Whether a Cabinet decison was taken or not is the legal matter but it seems the annoucement was made only after the Congress party concurred within its fold.

 It’s a pity that after the independence Sardar Vallav Bhai patel united the nation but in the name of the victim of official or political apathy since the formation of these states like Telengana in the Andhra Pradesh, surely have lagged behind other parts of the respective state in development. The greedy, shrewd and cunning politicians want to break the nation for their vote bank policies. Peoples hope like Telengana  the Central government should not succumbed to requests of this kind that would Balkanize the nation. Why the issue could have been better resolved by granting an economic package to the region.Actually for the new state at least 10 years time required for its development moreover Centre and the state funds extra required in conducting elections, running a government and increased corruption, as we have seen in the Jharkhand and Chattishgarh.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee
1159/ Sector 23 A
Faridabad 121005
More rulers than the ruled
 Sonia Gandhi and Dr.Manmohan Singh have set the ball rolling in Andhra Pradesh by agreeing to the formation of a separate Telangana State.Now Mayawati has been asking for Purvanchal in UP,Gorkhaland is being demanded and so the list grows.Pranab Mukherjee has issued a statement like a school teacher saying that 'no more States would be announced'.However,once there is a precedent,legally they will demand.India does not belong to the Congress Party so that it can be divided and given to whom soever they want pacified.

 India is about to enter into the Guinness Book of records for having the highest number of states and the highest number of chief ministers and governors.Henceforth,if the prime minister calls for a meeting of all the chief ministers,he should have the meeting at Red Fort so that it can accomodate all the 1000 odd chief ministers from India.

 In the next two years,if this is the trend,we will have more rulers than the ruled.
Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 062
Pakistan paradox
This refers to the editorial "Headley's people" (DH, December 14).

The present-day Pakistan appears to present a picture of paradoxes.  While there is widespread public resentment within the country against US involvement in the region, Pakistan, in reality, survives on the American financial aid even as it runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds.  While Pakistan is known to provide a safe haven for terrorist outfits to thrive on its soil, and infiltrate into India, it is at the receiving end from terrorist attacks.
  Time and again, Pakistan denies its role in the 26/11 Mumbai terror strike but evidences after evidences expose its duplicity, the latest being David Coleman Headley's diabolic hand-in-glove operations with Lashker-e-Taiba, a protege of Pakistan.  And it still wants to re-open peace talks with India !
P.P. Sethumadhavan
New Thippasandra P.O.
Bangalore 560 075

Delayed justice
'Justice delayed is justice denied'. A large number of cases are pending with various courts throughout the country which includes the Supreme Court. There is not only delay in justice being delivered but litigation is proving to be more and more expensive. We need reforms that would speed up justice delivery. For instance, the summer vacation for courts should be abolished. All vacancies in courts for judicial officers should be filled up expeditiously. It is possible that a number of cases could be settled out of court, especially civil cases, by a system of arbitration with quasi-judicial powers to settle disputes. We need a time-bound action plan to clear the backlog of cases lest the people lose faith in our judicial system.

D.B.N. Murthy
I Block, Jayanagar
Bangalore 560 011