Winning accolades world over

Winning accolades world over

Winning accolades world over


The main focus of Cairo International Film Festival 2009 was Indian cinema, bringing to light, some Indian films like Gulaabi Talkies, New York, Kaminey and Madholal Keep Walking.

Moving on to the nominations, the only two Indian films in the competition category were Kabir Khan’s New York, and Jai Tank’s Madholal Keep Walking.

The real star of the festival turned out to be Subrat Dutta as Madholal Dubey in Madholal Keep Walking.  Subrat is a Kolkata-based theatre actor, who has won the Best Actor award in the 8th Osian Cinefan Festival 2006 for the Bengali film called Bibar.

His last Bengali movie Chaturanga (which means four chapters) as lead actor (Sachis) has been shown in more than 50 film festivals.

Jai Tank’s first feature takes us through the daily life of a Mumbaikar. Madholal.. is a story of humanity. Madholal’s simple life has modest dreams and usual challenges.
The times were perfect. A supportive wife, loving daughters and trusted neighbours.
Each morning Madholal starts a journey with his inseparable comrades on the local train squabbling and laughing all the way they pass the journey. Till the tragedy strikes. One event blows it all and shatters the very fabric of Madholal’s life.

Then comes the testing time for a family, a neighbourhood and a friendship. He has to put them back together to defeat the purpose of the wrongdoers. He takes the first step towards bringing his life back on the tracks. Come hail or storm Madholal has to keep walking. Madholal Keep Walking is nominated for the first film in three categories — best film, best producer and best director in the Asian Film Festival, Singapore. The film is also nominated in competition category in the Third Eye Asian Film Festival, Mumbai and will be screened in next month.