Echoing the call of oneness

Echoing the call of oneness

enthusiastic Students performing at the event.

This is the season of goodwill and what better time to think of the less fortunate?
“We have decided to get together and raise funds for a cause that people are not much aware of, and yet is such a grave human crisis. Through our efforts, we were able to raise funds for Sri Lankan families who are torn apart due to the war and will not be celebrating anything this year,”  said Hepsiba Rosario and Daniel D’Souza, the two student emcees, who  anchored the show Humanitas, which was held recently by eight colleges in the City at the Mount Carmel College.

The groups of students were from Mount Carmel, the different Josephite colleges and institutions, Jyoti Nivas, Christ University and  a couple of independent choirs. They  sang their hearts out at a fund raising Christmas Carol programme for the families  displaced internally in war- torn Sri Lanka.

The whole programme was infused with the sprit of the season as the  groups sang songs on peace and the real message of Christmas which goes beyond parties and celebrations and is about sharing and caring. “There are over three lakh people in camps which are virtual detention centres devoid of the most basic facilities.

Everyday two to three people die of starvation and lack of medical care” said  Fr Ambrose Pinto Principal of St Joseph's Arts and Science College,who welcomed the gathering, and inaugurated the programme.The emcees  also spoke about the cause of peace and the devastating effect war has on families and the society at large.
The auditorium at Mount Carmel was beautifully lit with special effect lighting that enhanced the jewel colours that the choirs were dressed in. Roshan, Manish and Joshi sang a Latin carol that sounded beautiful  as did  Mount Carmel’s Christmas Halleluja. Jyoti Nivas  and Christ University also sang a selection of carols with a few popular medleys and gospel music.

The programme ended on a high note with St Joseph’s Arts and Science rendition of Ding Dong and  Gloria.