7 men, who 'blackmailed' doctor over sodomy, land in police net

7 men, who 'blackmailed' doctor over sodomy, land in police net

Filmed him having sex with them, extorted Rs 16L to hush it up

Seven young men, who allegedly extorted Rs 16 lakh from a doctor to hush up his acts of sodomy by posing as policemen and television journalists, were arrested near Avalahalli Park after the Central Crime Branch (CCB) received a tip-off. 

The suspects are Suhas, 20, from Avalahalli, Diwakar, 19, from Parvathipuram, Madhu, 19, from Hanumanthanagar, Nikesh, 22, from Dwarakanagar, Vishwa, 21, from Hanumanthanagar, Mahesh, 19, from Basavanagudi, and Vikas, 21, from Gavipuram Guttahalli. Police said they recovered Rs six lakh and the CPU of a computer from the suspects. Police have not identified the doctor. 

According to the police, Suhas, a television dish connector who provided cable connections to homes near Avalahalli Park, had gone to the doctor’s home for the purpose some months ago. The doctor engaged him in conversation and said he knew that he (Suhas) smoked too much. He then told Suhas he would examine him, and made him remove all his clothes. He then sexually aroused him and had anal sex with him, the police said. 

Suhas later narrated the incident to his friends Madhu, Vikas and Diwakar. Over the last two months, all the four frequented the doctor’s home and indulged in sodomy. A month ago, they plotted to blackmail him, said the police.  One day, when Suhas and Diwakar were indulging in sodomy with the doctor, Madhu and Vikas filmed the act on the former’s mobile phone. A few days later, they showed the video to the doctor and threatened to leak it to the police and the media. They managed to extort Rs five lakh from him to hush up the matter. They spent the money on visits to pubs, dance bars and sex workers, besides buying branded apparel and shoes, the police explained.
 When they ran out of money, the suspects decided to extort more from the doctor. This time, they used a different means. Posing as  crime investigators and TV journalists, Madhu’s brother Vishwa, and his friends Nikesh and Mahesh showed the video to the doctor and demanded Rs 25 lakh to hush it up. 

The doctor pleaded with them to settle for Rs 11 lakh and the suspects agreed. He then took them to a bank, withdrew Rs 11 lakh and gave it to them. The suspects shared the money and splurged on a lavish lifestyle. The police made the arrests after the doctor reportedly approached them.