A passage through stinking reality

Last Updated 19 June 2014, 13:31 IST

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) obviously has little regard for the citizens’ sensibilities.

The pedestrian underpass at Palace Guttahalli Circle, near the BDA office, is a classic example of how irresponsible the civic body is.

The underpass is laden with garbage. A heap of rotten wet waste, discarded gunny bags, worn-out mattresses and dry waste lie unattended to here. The stench emanating from the trash is unbearable.

People who live and work in the vicinity say that the underpass is barely lit after dusk. There are people who use this underpass as a cover to consume alcohol and smoke after it is dark. In fact, one of the lights inside is broken rendering the place dark.

Metrolife interacted with BBMP officials to find out why nothing is being done to keep the underpass clean and safe. The citizens talked  about the difficulties they face while passing through this area.

This pedestrian underpass was constructed five years ago when the Kempegowda  International Airport was inaugurated.

There were four such pedestrian walks constructed at the same time along the road to the international airport to facilitate smooth movement of traffic.

This was much before the elevated road and a few flyovers along the airport
road were constructed.

M Lakshminarayana, Commissioner, BBMP, explains, “These pedestrian walks were constructed as short-term solutions to ease traffic on the airport road but we are now exploring long-term options. These pedestrian walks are a part of our pre-cast segment projects where the cast is pre-manufactured but now, we have to see how practical they would be.”

Some of the other pedestrian walks are at the Baptist Hospital and CBI Junction on Bellary Road. When asked about why these pedestrian walks are so mismanaged and neglected, Lakshminarayana says, “I didn’t know that these pedestrian walks were in such a bad condition. I will attend to the problem immediately and see that it is cleared.”

Regulars who use this pedestrian walk wants an alternative route but that looks like a distant possibility at the moment.

Vijay, a factory worker, who takes the route everyday, says, “I see people transporting drinking water and food items through this path. It is unhygienic and dangerous to consume things which are transported through this way.” 

Nagaraj, who works as a washing contractor for Enfield, points out that he spots people drinking and smoking in the passage late at night. “I’ve seen people parking their bikes here. Sometimes, couples can be spotted in the darker stretch of the passage.

I don’t know why officials don’t bother about this path. It is being turned into a dump yard.

The purpose for which it was constructed was different,” he reasons.
Sandesh, a professional, sums up, “I’ve seen people relieving themselves here and most people living in the vicinity too dump garbage here. It is difficult to watch the garbage increasing by the day.

The officials should do something before the situation gets worse.”

(Published 19 June 2014, 13:31 IST)

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