Braids to the rescue

Braids to the rescue


Braids can be a saviour as an emergency hairstyle when you are unable to wash your locks. From a French braid fringe to snake braid, you can experiment with different types of the hairdo. Here is a list of braid styles:

* French braid fringe:

Create a side parting. Then, taking the front section from the bigger side, make a plait. Secure it with a thin elastic band or add a flower to hide the elastic.

* Front cascading braid:

Create a side parting and start braiding directing the hair towards the face as if achieving a braided fringe. To make a neat braid, make sure you have three hair
bundles of equal volume.

* Snake braid:

Create a side parting and part your hair into three sections. Braid as normal but take more hair from the top with each twist.

Control the shape of the braid by taking looser sections of the hair from the top so the braid goes down on the slight angle.

When you reach the opposite side of your head, drop the braid down and turn to
start braiding to create the second part of the snake. It will almost go like a soft zigzag. Once you finish plaiting, secure your braid using an elastic band or bobby pins.