Invasion leaves FIFA red-faced

Invasion leaves FIFA red-faced

FIFA admitted to being "embarrassed" after Chilean fans stormed the Maracana media centre before Wednesday's World Cup match against Spain, but local security forces refused to take responsibility on Thursday.

Ralf Mutschke, FIFA's director of security, told reporters that 87 Chilean fans were arrested after the incident and had to leave the country within 72 hours or be deported.

"It is embarrassing. We have to protect the journalists and the media and we also need to protect the fans," he said.

The Chile fans broke through security cordons and rushed through the metal detection checkpoints before running into the media centre which can accommodate around 1,500 media in a vast workroom inside the stadium.

Naturally, with so many journalists around, they were photographed and recorded with the images instantly posted on social media outlets and published in newspapers.

The fans did not appear to be looking for expensive photographic equipment or laptops but smashed down a partition wall as they made their way further into the stadium to try to reach the concourse and the seating areas.

"They broke down a gate at the outer perimeter and then kicked at the door of the media centre. We have met this morning to make sure it will not happen again," Mutschke said.