Truant nature

Truant nature

I would have read this advice any number of times that it is nature’s nature to support our efforts as long as we align ourselves with it and let the natural energy flow through us.

But in my case, it does not seem to work. Nature has a brake pedal. When I overeat for a few days, I find that the effect of binging reaches the midriff area first, always and every time.

After all, I have legs, arms, chest and other parts but these remain lean and mean as if nature is following the laws of gravity up to a predetermined point in my body. Opposite is also true.

And when I would go on a crash diet and swim/run like mad to create calories deficit because I know that weight acts like a bank balance. The more you deposit and less you draw, you have a fat bank balance and the opposite.

In my case, if any effect shows up, it will be on the face or arms but the belly button would remain hidden and the belt configuration does not change. Why, I ask of nature, but I get no reply.

It will be a cloudy day and I would choose to swim. Being a backstroke swimmer, I get badly burnt on a sunny day. But nature just does not cooperate and as I complete the first lap, bright, scotching sun would teasingly appear from nowhere.

Not fair, isn’t it? The other day, my Hindi speaking driver remarked as I came back after the swim. Gore gaye, aur kale wapas aaye. (You went fair, you came back dark.)

Sluggish bowels are a subject of pan India discussion, more so in North India, a region to which I belong, whereas the rest of the world takes it as it comes. In India, you can correctly guess from the facial expressions, the state of morning results when you see your colleagues walk into the office.

I am no exception. My dietician has recommended that I increase the intake of salads and fruits but does that work for me?

No way. The natural laws of gravity get defied in my case, the effects of fruits and salads travel northwards and results in burnt up respiratory passage (burp)that can be heard in the neighbourhood. Not a fair deal, my dear nature.

Nature has, in my case, defied even self healing measures like acupressure and acupuncture.

You see, my friends tell me that although I am doing many things right but the gap between my last meal and the time I hit the bed is very small.

I need to have at least three hours interval between my last meal and sleep time.

I have sacrificed my rum and diet coke but have not met success. Nature continues to play truant with me. There are so many such instances that I am confused. Head winds in whatever direction I choose to run.

Do I need to meet a nature therapist to act as a bridge between dear nature and me?

PS: I just got a call from nature and she said this. Stop making it a big issue and I will help you.