Raje to 'scrap' Kashmir migrant pension

Raje to 'scrap' Kashmir migrant pension

Rajasthan government is all geared up to scrap the pension given to Kashmiri Pandit families who took refuge in the state after been thrown out from the Valley in the early 90s.

The move by state government has come as a big shock to 53 migrant families.“Till 2012, Kashmiri migrant Hindu families were getting  pension of Rs 1,250 per month,” said president of Kashmiri Hindu Welfare Association Ajay Kaul.

“BJP government has now introduced several impractical riders following which none of the persons can get the pension,” Ajay Kaul said.

Presently, there are 53 families in Jaipur who are entitled to the pension, he added.Association members said they held several meeting with government. If nothing worksout in their favour they will seek appointment with Prime Minster Narendra Modi. 

The new rider says that only a person earning less than Rs 1,600 per month will be entitled to the pension. After this rider none of the families living in Jaipur will be able to avail the pension as their monthly income exceeds the prescribed limit.

“We are getting the pension because government of India failed to provide us security and we were thrown out from our land,” said Kaul.

“We are not beggars who can thrive on Rs 1,600. None of the neighbouring states have put riders on the pension for our community,” he added. 

The pension amount of Rs 26 lakh has been released by government but district collector could not distribute the amount due to the strict riders.

Meanwhile, state government is of the view that the riders have been put due to strong objection from Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG).  “The CAG raised objection that families who are well off are given pension. We have also sought suggestions from Central government,” said a senior official.