Fall in love to shed laziness

Fall in love to shed laziness

Typical Kailasa
Kannada (U)
Director: B N Mallika
Cast: Srujan Lokesh, Vrinda and others.

How to transform a lazy person into a hardworking citizen? Terrorise the lad, beat the laziness out of him, etc... Or, enact an elaborate charade so devious that the man’s life is turned inside out, permanently.

Rohan Sippy found considerable success with this formula in his Bluffmaster, where he got Priyanka Chopra, Riteish Deshmukh, Nana Patekar and others to transform conman Abhishek Bachchan.

Typical Kailasa too features a similar charade, but the ringmaster here is only Vrinda, nee Pavana. And, unlike Abhishek, Srujan’s conning abilities are rarely exploited to their fullest. Plus, there’s more emotional content in Typical... family matters more a la another “inspired” film Mungaarina Minchu by S V Rajendra Singh.

Having lost his parents to accident and wealth to cunning friend, Kailasa, who cares more for his sleep and meals, lands up in jail before being sheltered by a family friend. When he is goaded into seeking employment, he encounters Charita, who’s disgusted with him at first, but gradually develops feelings for him.

So much so that she even cancels her engagement, drags Kailasa home to parade before her family as her lazy husband. Will she be able to change Kailasa while also winning her family’s approval?

Director Mallika, too, takes the making-cinema-out-of-one’s-life route to tell his tale. Srujan’s “image” works against creating appropriate impression. But Vrinda appears quite stylish and relaxed after stirring performances in Gombegala Love and Jatta. Yet, there is room for her growth as an actress. Manohar’s music is pleasant, but can be barely heard.

The climax locale makes up for shoddy work behind the camera. Typical Kailasa is not everybody’s cup of tea, unfortunately. It required a little more care.