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Q:  How do I restore the Google search box and its search engines list to Firefox version 29.0.1?

The Firefox browser toolbar is largely customisable, so if the Google search box has disappeared by upgrade or accident, you can put it back. Click on the Menu icon on the far right side of the Firefox window and then click the Customize button.

This opens the Customize Firefox tab, which is a screen full of icons and other browser parts that you can drag onto your toolbar. While in customise mode, you can rearrange the existing icons in the toolbar by dragging them to new locations - or drag icons you never use onto the Customize Firefox tab to remove them from view.

If you want to just start from scratch and return Firefox to the state it was in when first installed, click the Restore Defaults button. When you are finished redecorating the toolbar, click the green Exit Customize button on the right side of the window.

Once you have restored the search box, you should see the Google icon and the small black menu triangle for switching between different search engines. If you want to do further customisation - like adding, removing or reordering search engines in the list - Mozilla has a guide and video tutorial at http://mzl.la/MOtkQ0.