Detach to feel light and happy

Detach to feel light and happy

We all are habituated to worrying all the time.Aren’t we? Infact, it has become our second nature.

Whenever things do not go the way we want, we immediately start worrying about the consequences.The main reason for this is our fear for untoward happenings.

For example, suppose one has to reach office for a 10 am meeting,but on the way to office, the car gets stuck in a traffic jam. As the clock ticks, one starts fearing if one will miss the meeting and be at the receiving end of boss’s anger. All this while, one's heart beats faster and one starts sweating in anxiety.

Now! hold a minute and just give it a thought as to what is one going to achieve by all this? Would worrying or shouting at driver get us any faster out of a traffic jam? If one is in a difficult situation and one can do something about it,then it is better to act rather than worry.

 But there are certain situations in life where we cannot do anything. Under such circumstances , if we learn to calmly accept situations,then we would be saved of mental agony and criminal waste of time and energy. It requires knowledge of the real nature of this world.

We must understand that this world is like a vast drama stage upon which all of us are actors playing individual roles. Each actor has a distinct role, which is fixed.Hence,if we learn to look at this world and ours and others' actions as a spectator,then we would not be affected by the events around-us and remain detached.Detachment helps us enjoy all that is happening getting involved emotionally.

 It also saves us from fear, worry and sorrow whilst keeping in mind the law of karma which says that all that is happening with every soul in this world is the result of his/her past actions.The law of karma is accurate and inviolable.

If we remember this, we will be spared from brooding over or getting agitated about what we consider misfortune or injustice , both of which, we will realise, are the results of our own actions. Experience shows that of all the worries and tensions that we have, the most dreadful is the fear of untimely death.

There is no denying on this fact that all of us are afraid to die and fear for the consequences of our death on our near ones.However,we tend to forget that this fear of death is the product of our ignorance.

We forget the important reality that we are all playing our part in the drama of this world in our present body. The body is like a costume that the soul discards upon death to don a new costume. Hence, it is indeed the soul that brings life into a body and takes it away upon death.But, in this whole process the soul never dies, it only plays different roles in different bodies, in this world.

Whilst keeping this knowledge in mind, when we come into relationship with others, we remain free of any kind of attachment and emotional burden towards them,thereby being detached and in constant awareness of our spiritual identity,which is that of a soul.

So don’t worry about things.Because,if you worry today,you will be worrying again tomorrow for some other reason, so better be worry-less today to be happy tomorrow .