40 passengers and the hanging bus

40 passengers and the hanging bus

A portion of a bridge suddenly gave way trapping people inside

40 passengers and the hanging bus

Forty people, including children, who comprised a wedding party had a close shave when a bus carrying them hung precariously on a weak wooden bridge over the Terhi river in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda district, about 200 km from here.

According to reports, the incident occurred late on Saturday night when the bus was returning from Deoria district. As the bus reached the middle of the bridge, a portion of the bridge suddenly gave way trapping passengers.

The rear portion of the bus hung precariously and looked like it could fall into the river any time.

Locals rushed to the spot on hearing the cries and rescued passengers. Ropes were also fastened to the front portion of the bus to prevent it from falling down into the almost dry river.

“We were fortunate to have survived...thankfully no one was injured,” said Kari Singh, the groom’s father.

According to locals, around 500 vehicles, including tractor-trolleys and buses pass over the bridge everyday.

A cement bridge is being constructed a few metres away from the wooden bridge.

Officials said that the wooden bridge caters to a population of around 25,000 spread across a dozen villages. Officials said construction of the cement bridge would be expedited.