The truth about BBMP's real-time monitoring cell

The truth about BBMP's real-time monitoring cell

False information is being fed into the system by engineers, misleading public

The BBMP’s wish to fly high with its ambitious ‘real time monitoring’ of the works, appears to have been grounded by the engineers at the cutting edge who are feeding false information in the real time monitoring system. An example for this is - the status of a drain construction in Ulsoor.
The Rs 99 lakh BBMP work is going on near Ulsoor lake where drains and a culvert are under construction.

According to the BBMP sources, the work, awarded  to a single contractor, begins from Trinity Circle to Ulsoor lake. However, the drain construction work near Ulsoor lake in front of the Community Hall is ‘over’, says the real-time monitoring system, much to the shock of the residents of Kallahalli.
Despairing of the shoddy construction work on the drain and curious about the BBMP’s SMS complaint system under the real-time monitoring system, a Kallahalli resident, Kalidas Reddy complained via SMS to the BBMP on December 5. He received a reply stating that that his complaint has been taken note of and that his complaint number was ‘3354’.

Four days later, Reddy got another SMS stating, “Your Grievance Ref. No. 3354. Status: Completed.” The status of the work is just contrary to what the BBMP had claimed in its SMS.

“I was shocked on receiving the SMS. It was outrageous. It was telling me that I should not trust my eyes and should look at the public works through BBMP’s eyes,” said an agitated Reddy. Instantly Reddy shot off another SMS to the BBMP pointing out that the the status report on his complaint was false and that the work had not been completed. He is yet to receive a response.
According to the work order, the drain should have a slab-covered duct system making it possible for pedestrians to walk over it. While the drain has been constructed, the slabs are yet to be laid.

The BBMP’s Chief Engineer of East Zone, Jayachandra admitted that the work is incomplete. “It is Rs 99 lakh work. The contractor, Mari Gowda has done merely 20-25 per cent of work till now. I just spoke to the engineer concerned in this regard. The work would be resumed soon,” said Jayachandra.
While launching its interactive portal, the BBMP had claimed that one could log on to their public grievance addressal portal or send SMS at 94818 44444 or dial 2266 0000 to contact their control room.

The BBMP had assured to resolve the problem within 24 hours. After the problem is solved, the complainant would get a confirmation through the same medium through which the citizens complained.
Looks like it was over-ambitious.