Bird feeders barred from entering HC premises

Bird feeders barred from entering HC premises

Oral orders from top officials to avoid littering of premises

Bird feeders barred from entering HC premises

Police sources said they had received oral orders from top officials in the Court not to allow the bird feeders in the court premises. The sources refused to reveal the identity of the  official.
“The bird lovers feed the pigeons up to 30 kilos of foodgrains every day. Thousands of pigeons fed on them, but following the orders, we have now stopped them,” said a police officer.

Interestingly, the police are in the dark about the reason for barring the bird lovers from the court premises. One officer speculated that security concerns could have prompted it. But another has a different version. “Those feeding the birds have been littering the premises with polythene bags and leftovers of grains, despite several warnings, triggering the action.”

Justice M F Saldhana, former Judge of Karnataka High Court said, “The bird lovers are usually from the Jain community, who consider feeding birds to be a pious duty. They should be allowed to do so. They have complained to me about it. Stopping them is wrong. It will not threaten the security.”
He said, during his tenure as a judge, he had made a proposal to the Chief Justice to construct a concrete slab for birds to roost for feeding, but permission has not been accorded yet.

What is blue rock pigeon?
The bird is usually found in urban areas, perched on highrise buildings which provides a platform to breed.

The birds remain loyal to each other throughout their life after their first mating. They breed for six times an year with a survival rate estimated at 99 per cent.
A single pair can lay about 12 eggs in a year and hatch atleast 11 of them. The birds thrive on grains and can breed where ever they can, once they find the place is safe from predators.

They attain adulthood at a rapid pace of two months. They are loyal to their locality and do not migrate.
In some highrise apartments nets are used on balconies to prevent the birds from entering into the houses or sit on clothesline, as some people are allergic to bird-droppings and also to its feathers, which carry tiny tics.