Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch

It is surprising how, even in this age, enlightened people give technology the go-by.

Technology has made such rapid strides in recent times that there really shouldn’t be excuses for lack of communication. While I am more comfortable with the satisfying, reliable, old-fashioned ways, I readily admit that technology has made communicating easier, faster and more effective.

It is surprising how, even in this day and age, otherwise enlightened people give technology the go-by, dismissing it as of no real consequence. For instance, take Ganga, who rigidly resists all forms of technology. She won’t bother to call anyone on the mobile. When others call her, she will answer with the utmost reluctance and with the ungracious air of one conferring a great honour on the caller.

The conversation could find its way to the Guinness Book of Records for sheer pithiness. She will also watch the same boring channel with its repetitiveness for any length of time rather than pick up the remote and change it. It is far too much trouble to operate it. It would rather wait for somebody to do it! As for learning how to use simple pieces of equipment or basic computer skills--- not for anything else except for survival--- she is stubbornly opposed to the idea.

Madhavi, on the other hand, has a responsible job and is well-versed in the nitty-gritties that modern life entails. She rarely checks personal mail, unless it is by mistake. So there is no point in mailing her. Her fixed line is, more often than not, dysfunctional. On the rare occasions it does work, madam can’t hear it because she is busy running errands. Being an efficient home manager and an involved mother, she replenishes stock and attends to the numerous needs of the household when she gets some free time. Hats off to her for holding down a demanding job without compromising on family duties. 

It is habitual for her to mislay her mobile apart from damaging it on a regular basis. So how does one reach her? One can take the chance to beard the lioness in her den. That isn’t easy because lady fair is often out of town. A practical way is to contact her husband and leave a message. That it requires a response, often slips her mind. And she wants to know why I don’t use What’s App. What difference will that make when her mobile can’t be traced? All the same, when she meets relatives and friends face-to-face, she is effusive and will go all out to be sociable. In all sincerity, she will say, “ Do let us keep in touch.” How, is the million dollar question!