Transgender alleges rape by three cops, activists seek justice

Transgender alleges rape by three cops, activists seek justice

Various women organisations and human right activists have on Tuesday demanded justice for the Mumbai-based transgender who was allegedly raped by two constables and a police officer in Ajmer a week before.

The activists have accused Ajmer police of protecting three policemen and demanded their immediate arrest. Meanwhile, the Lokayukta Justice S S Kothari has sought a report from the Home Department over the incident.

The victim along with other human right activists interacted with media and asked Chief Minister Raje to intervene.

“I cannot come down to Jaipur every now and them and demand action against the three accused policemen.  The human right organisation in Jaipur will meet Raje in the public hearing camps and will demand justice for me. If possible I will also join them,” the victim said.

 The victim alleged that she was beaten and raped by three policemen in their custody in Dargah police station early on June 5 and when she complained to the SHO, he extorted Rs 40,000 and promised to release her. She alleged that she was produced in a court from where she along with other eunuchs was sent to judicial custody.

“They raped me. They took my money. They tore the old report and prepared a fresh one before producing me in the court. My medical reports have also confirmed rape, then why police is not arresting them,” said the victim.

 “I was nowhere involved in the incident, but was arrested and was charge sheeted, she added. Meanwhile, the SHO Vijay Singh has already been arrested on June 18 whereas the rape accused three policemen have been removed from the police station.

“I along with 8 other eunuchs was on the way to Dargah on June 4 when constable Bhawani Singh stopped our taxi and misbehaved. We were arrested and in the wee hours on June 5 Bhawani Singh, Laxminarayan and Omprakash raped me and also filmed it with their cellphones,” the victim said.

People’s Union for Civil Liberties, General Secretary Kavita Srivastava alleged that the police did not incorporate appropriate sections regarding rape deliberately to protect their men.

However, senior police officials of Ajmer district said around half a dozen of transgender were picked up from Dargah area after they assaulted police who were called to stop their hooliganism.