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Dear Madam,

I have completed my MBBS and am planning on pursuing my career in Pharmacology. I wanted to know the eligibility to apply for a MD Pharmacology in the US and UK. Do I have take up USMLE and PLAB as it is for clinical subjects or is there any other procedure? Also what are the chances of me getting a MD Pharmacology in a premiere institute involved in R&D as of now?Akshay
Dear Akshay,Since you have completed your MBBS, I suggest you pursue PhD in Pharmacology. Research opportunities would include areas such as cancer biology, cardiovascular biology, neuropharmacology and structural biology, immunology, microbiology etc among others.

Admission would be based on your previous academic performance, Graduate Record Examination score (general test), letters of recommendation and interviews with members of the department. MCAT exam would be a necessity. visit https://www.aamc.org/students/applying/mcat/about.

Ordinarily, preference is given to students who have a background in biology or chemistry, with a year of physics and mathematics through calculus.

All applicants must submit a complete application including GRE scores (general test required; subject test would be an added advantage), undergraduate (and graduate, if applicable) transcripts, a personal statement and three letters of recommendation. International applicants are required to submit TOEFL scores, to be considered for acceptance. 

USMLE is required for your medical license to practice medicine in the U.S and PLAB is required for you to practice in the U.K.
Dear Madam,

I have been selected for a few master's programme (MSc Social Psychology) in universities in the UK and I was wondering how to narrow down on my universities. And if it is too late to apply for scholarships (if you could provide me with a list that would be very helpful), also if you could guide me regarding education loans and how they function.Aaheli Dasgupta
Dear Aaheli,

From what I understand, you have been accepted by some Universities in U.K. If that’s the case, all you need to do is look at the offer letters, see who gives you the best deal in terms of scholarship, look at the facilities, the location, the duration and contents of the program before you decide which University is best suited to your needs. Generally, when you apply to a University, they will send you a link to their scholarship application portal and give you the deadlines for application. If in doubt, it is best to write to the Universities Graduate admissions office or to the department you have applied to and enquire about scholarship opportunities. As far as education loans are concerned, it is best to take a loan from your local bank that you or your parents bank with.
Dear Madam,

I am doing BE (6 sem) mechanical engineering. I want to do MS related to manufacturing technology abroad. Please guide me which university is best/ country/ fees and which exam should I have to give like GRE, TOFEL, IELTS. And when should I start my admission process.Mirza
Dear Mirza,

Start the process while you begin your 7th semester. Manufacturing Technology is offered in all countries. You would have to write the GRE and TOEFL exam. In Germany for instance, Universities like the Technical University of Dortmund or the Technical University of Berlin offer the Master of Science in Manufacturing Technology. (MMT). The program is concerned with the analysis of advanced engineering problems using modelling techniques, computer implementation, experimental verification, and case study investigation. The course provides the basis of high-tech engineering design for a broad spectrum of applications.

The entire master program is in English and takes two years including a one-semester thesis. While living expenses will be around 600 – 700 EUR per month, the tuition fee will be roughly around 230 EUR per semester up to 15000 EUR per year. 

In U.K, Universities such as Bath, Warwick, Cranfield and Manchester offer MSc in Manufacturing Technology. Your living expenses may work out to approximately 10000 GBP for the whole year while your tuition fee will be around 15000 GBP for the whole year. In U.K the course is of one year duration.

In U.S, the course is offered by most Universities like MIT, Purdue, Boston, University of California, Michigan etc. The duration of the course is 12 months in some universities while it is 2 years in the others. 

Tuition & living expenses put together would be between $ 30000 to $60000 per year.In Australia, Universities such as RMIT, Swinburne etc offer a 2 year program in Manufacturing Technology. Tuition & living expenses will work out to approximately 40000 to 50000 AUD per year.

For more information on universities, courses, fees etc visit www.umaaswani.com
Dear Madam,

I am doing my final year BE in EEE department and planning to do my MS abroad. But my aggregate in BE is less.  I have got 62.28 but I will do well in GRE and IELTS. But I am really worried about my aggregate. Please guide me whether I will get into a good college with this percentage and good marks in the entrance exam?Shruthi A
Dear Akshay,

Most German Universities offer Masters Program in Electrical / Embedded systems or Automation. Generally courses start in October. You don’t have to plan a big budget since all public universities are either free or charge a nominal amount towards tuition. Please take the IELTS exam. This would be a requirement for all universities.For complete information on German Universities, fees, scholarships, funding and working opportunities etc please visit www.study-in.de/en and www.daaddelhi.org. The Bangalore DAAD information point is in the Cash Pharmacy building on Residency road.

Also if you are keen on Germany, get in touch with the Goethe Institute to learn German.  Although the programs are taught in English, preference will be given to students who know German. The Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan) in Indiranagar offers special courses for students who want to go to Germany for higher education. Here is a link to their website: www.goethe.de/ins/in/bag/enindex.htm

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