The dark horse of Hauz Khas

The dark horse of Hauz Khas


One must admit it is foolish to categorise all restaurants in Delhi as serving the same ‘continental’ food with more or less the ‘same taste’. But this thought wins the case in mind only when one visits places like Roost Bistro in Hauz Khas Village.

Metrolife isn’t shy to share that the place turned out to be a dark horse much to our surprise. Outshining others way beyond our expectations, this place is not really the size of a bistro, but doesn’t deserve to be underestimated as each dish served here is a perfect example of good food, good food and good food!

For a gourmand, the herbs used by Chef Ganesh Gurung taste heavenly. Be it in Lemon & Thyme Stuffed Fresh Mushrooms or Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tikkas – the taste of fresh herbs infused in mushroom and chicken creates such a harmony that the mouth relishes each morsel. 

Though the Prawns With A ‘Pinch of Salt’ are comparatively not that easy to dig in, yet, once the hard work is over, the result is sweet, tender and gentle that lingers on till long. Such are the starters in this mecca of food. Along with intelligently bound Burritos (a flour tortilla) – folded with a filling of Mexican salsa, rice and savour cream; these appetisers leave a foodie speechless.

The bird cages and wooden planters in the interior fall in line with the theme (rooster) and the glass doors provide a calming view of the foliage outside. One can enjoy this scenic view as senior captain from the bar serves delightful concoctions. A sip of Pineapple Breezer (with flavour of basil), Tropical Paradise (pineapple, mango and orange juice blended with rose water) or Green Rainstorm (green apple infused with cucumber) will make you believe that this place is good in almost everything!

The Warm Salmon Salad proves us wrong for the orange juice dressing for raw and smoked salmon doesn’t impress much. However, what is offered in the pasta and mains is simply outstanding.

The Fettuccini in Chili Saffron has the right amount of cheese and flavourful oregano while the Indonesian speciality Nasi Goreng are a complete meal. Served with chicken steaks, prawn crackers and a sunny-side up egg, the rice cooked in oriental spices with chicken broth powder make one fall in love with food all over again!

The middle layer of Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak filled with green pepper corns is too strong to be savoured but the Masala Crusted New Zealand Lamb Chops with Mint and Sherry is more than welcomed. Marinated and cooked in sherry (from the family of red wine), the chop has presence of Indian spices which makes it scrumptious.What could one ask for more if the master chef also serves Fish Malabari with Malabar Parantha! Presented in a gravy of onion, garlic and ginger, the sole fish cooked in coconut cream is as authentic as it could be. Try it with the layered parantha and forget that you are dining in a bistro.

Without dessert, the meal is incomplete so for those in love with cheese, try the Blueberry Cheesecake and go bananas over Honey and Banana Struddle full of dry fruits. A bow to this one!