Disquiet in Rajasthan over 'losers' attending AICC meet

Disquiet in Rajasthan over 'losers' attending AICC meet

A feedback meeting of senior Congress leaders called by the All India Congress Committee in New Delhi on June 30 is drawing severe criticism among the party workers in Rajasthan.

Party’s senior leaders will give their feedback on reason for defeat in the Lok Sabha elections to the high command. Baring a few, most of the leaders called for the meetings have either lost elections by huge margin or have been alleged of playing no role in the Lok Sabha elections, who include leaders of front-line organisation.

A dozen leaders including PCC chief Sachin Pilot, former Chief Minster Ashok Gehlot, former PCC chief B D Kalla, all the presidents of front-line organisations, candidates like Mahesh Joshi, Bhanwar Lal Meghwal and others are called for the meeting.

“Front-line organisations have played no role in any of the elections recently. In the local review meetings, leaders have blamed Rahul Gandhi for dumping the originations by conducting direct elections. And top leadership now wants to consult them to know the reason for the defeat. Party is repeating same mistakes that led to such a massive defeat,” said a senior leader.

Leaders and workers from Jaipur have also objected over the other names like former MP Mahesh Joshi and Master Bhawar lal Meghwal.

“Joshi lost by the highest margin in the country. Even the party workers were against him. All the eight candidates from Jaipur city in Assembly elections had blamed Joshi for their defeat and Joshi blamed them for his defeat in LS polls. What feedback will party take from him,” said an office-bearer of District Congress Committee in Jaipur.

Other candidates too lost by huge margin, he added.

Party leaders are even surprised that why former PCC chief B D Kalla, who lost two consecutive elections and has almost lost his political clout, has been called for the feedback.

“Ideally party must have called PCC chief, former chief minister and leader of opposition for the meeting. If Lok Sabha candidates are called, why not all 25 candidates have been called,” asked a senior leader.

Meanwhile, local leaders are of the view that the meeting will be a challenging task for PCC chief Sachin Pilot who will present a summarise report of the feedback taken from party workers in various divisions of the state.

In the review meetings at local level, leaders and party workers have blamed senior leaders and held top leadership in New Delhi responsible for party’s  defeat.

“It will be a litmus test for Sachin and other senior leaders. If they present factual report it will be more like blaming top leadership and decisions of Rahul Gandhi for defeat of party. If they hide the facts then nothing is going to change in party,” said a former legislator close to Gehlot.