Birth of a star!

ambitious Shazahn Padamsee

She plays Ranbir Kapoor’s girl friend in the film, which has received a lot of critical acclaim.

The actress is highly fond of kids. “Being with kids lights up Shazahn’s face. She frequently visits a club in Mumbai and spends some quality time with kids at the pool. Once one of the kids even recognised Shazahn saying he had seen her in many commercials. Shazahn just brushed off his praises. The kid then challenged her to a race in swimming.”

Shazahn was surprised by the boy’s daring nature and immediately agreed. But she had no option but to let the cute boy win.
She then gave him a chocolate as the prize and even promised him that she will show him her movie first day. Few know that Shazahn is already well versed with acting and has played an active role in the theatre world.
Shazahn has produced, acted and co-written the play Unspoken Dialogues. This play was staged in Dubai, which is also her favourite shopping destination.
In fact, once, the pretty lady even shopped for two days continuously in the city.

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