'I was keen on writing for Bollywood'

'I was keen on writing for Bollywood'

'I was keen on writing for Bollywood'

creative Chetan Bhagat Dh photo by Manjunath M S

“I have to admit that I was very keen on writing for Bollywood,” says Chetan. So it comes as no surprise that he has begun to write scripts for movies as well.
Chetan’s Five point Someone has been adapted and made into Three Idiots that is slated to release soon.

“All my books have been picked up and will be made into movies, I must say that I am truly amazed and never thought I’d get such an overwhelming response for my stories,” he told Metrolife.

Chetan observes that writing for films and books are different ball games altogether as their target audience as well as the syntax of the medium are different.

“While Five Point Someone was written for a niche reader, it had to be tweaked to be funny, entertaining and gripping for a movie. You don’t have the luxury of time when you are writing a script,” Chetan avers.  

To him entertainment is anything that is pleasurable. “It could even be a good piece of writing, it gives one immense pleasure provided you enjoy what you are doing,” he says.

That all his books have a certain realism about them is what has made them eligible for being made into movies, he says.  

If there’s one theme Chetan would like to script out and find a director for it would be romantic comedies.

He says he likes to spend a lot of time thinking, analysing and understanding relationships in India. Chetan’s 2 States - the story of my marriage explores all types of relationships, “our country still remains largely conservative but the young rebel within the family. They still don’t talk openly and share a lot of things with their parents. There’s a great deal of friction between the old generation and the new. The young desire a change, while the old resist it,” he says.

Now that Chetan is active in writing scripts, will he give up writing books altogether? “Oh no... I will continue to write. I never thought that people would accept me and christen me as a ‘popular writer.’ People will decide whether I be successful as a writer and as a scriptwriter. They’re the best judges,” he says humbly.

While Three Idiots is largely based on Chetan’s book, it has been remodelled into a typical Bollywood masala movie.

“I am not possessive about my stories being given a change. I have said what I have to say through my books. Now it is for movie makers to decide what they want to do with it.”

Will he direct a movie someday? “Oh I am delighted that my books have been picked up for movies and for now

I am content with writing. Direction is too much work,” he beams.