Students scramble about for language textbooks

Students scramble about for language textbooks

PU textbooks printed late owing to 'model code of conduct'

 Several PUC students from across the district have been forced to photocopy their language lessons and attend classes, owing to shortage of textbooks. Owners of book stores and college authorities say that the artificial shortage was due to a delay in printing the text books prescribed by the PU Board, which publishers have attributed to ‘model code of conduct’. The number of students pursuing first and second PUC is close to 70,000.

Mahesh Kumar, a Kannada lecturer at Maharani’s PU College, said that even though second PUC classes had started almost a month ago, only 50 per cent of the students had text books. “First PUC Kannada text books however, have not even arrived in the market. First PUC students usually take old text books from the seniors. However, the quality of binding of the text books released last year is poor, owing to which there is demand for language text books,” he said.

Mohan, Principal of the College, acknowledged the problem and added that the demand for language text books was more, since it was compulsory for students to carry language text books to classes.

M E Shankarappa, Principal of Marimallappa’s PU College, said that students were not getting text books at one go, as they had to purchase the textbooks prescribed by the PU Board.

“Though textbooks for various subjects have been released, availability is very low. There is no problem with respect to Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology text books, but availability of books for other science papers and subjects of Arts and Commerce combinations, are low,” he said. He added that the College was offering lessons, looking at the syllabus on the internet provided by the Board.

Amruth R, a first PU student of the College said that though the shortage of other textbooks had not hurt the students yet, shortage of language textbooks was causing some difficulties in following lessons in the classroom.

“I have enquired in several bookstores of the city. But they have only been saying that the books will be available shortly,” he added.

A representative of Saraswathi Book Depot, one of the biggest dealers of textbooks in the city, attributed the shortage of textbooks to the delay in inviting tenders for the same. “When we enquired with authorities concerned, they said that tender process was delayed owing to model code of conduct. But, officials should be ready for election delays and others in advance, rather than inconveniencing students later,” he said.

He said that some books for Commerce and Arts subjects had arrived on Friday, with language text books, yet to arrive.

DDPU, K M Puttu, said that the shortage of textbooks was due to the fact that people from other districts came to Mysore to buy the same, which affected students of the city. “Almost all the textbooks of second PUC are now available. By next week, textbooks of all subjects of first PUC too will be available,” he added. He also attributed the delay to new syllabus scheme, under which text books have to be printed for second PUC.

“Though text books for Kannada and English will be available soon, Urdu, Tamil and Telugu textbooks might take still more time, before students can buy them,” he added.