Life is like a feature film

Life is like a feature film

Feature-film viewing is considered as quite an exhilarating experience by many of us. Indeed it’s interesting the way we instantly get connected with the screen characters, vicariously feeling their pains and pleasures, for those few fleeting hours of film-viewing.

No wonder then, we feel mighty happy when we behold the characters basking in bountiful joyous moments. And that we feel all mushy, when we see them mired in miserable times, cobbled with difficulties  

Truly, it’s amazing the way these actors get under the skin of the screen characters, to enact their seemingly realistic roles. And once their acting gets over, they instantly snap out of the roles that they’d have donned. Well, if only we could also be very much like those actors, in the ‘film’ called ‘life’, and, view our roles in life with attachment, yet with some degree of detachment! Incidentally, there are certain things in life that can be compared with certain aspects, connected with the making of a feature film. Like, the role of a producer that can be compared with the ‘money’ we possess. Just as a producer plays a crucial role in hiking up the entertainment/selling value of the film, our financial state too plays quite significant role in life, as it dictates our comfort/luxury level.

Then again, just as the film producer has his own limitations in propelling a film’s success, even money, though is paramount important, isn’t the be-all and end-all in one’s life. (Since, there are many things like inner peace, happiness, sleep, etc, that money can’t buy!) 

Then the script or storyline of the film can be compared with the way we sculpt our life - it could be in a significant or frivolous way, depending upon the manner we indulge in respective good or bad deeds. Just as the script writer, needs to put in phenomenal efforts, in order to pen a riveting/powerful story, even we, to carve a happy/meaningful life, have to strive hard by being honest and sincere in everything that we do. Next, the entertainments in the film - the aural and visual pleasure, can be related with happy moments of our life. Just as a film can’t contain only the entertainment bits all through, even our entire life can’t be replete with only delightful moments. So, it’s important to accept life’s seamy side too, to realize the true value of happiness.
 Finally, the role of the film director can be compared with the Supreme Power of the Almighty. Howsoever the film may be sated with entertainments, howsoever the producer may be endowed with film-selling skills, and howsoever the storyline be singularly gripping, yet, without good direction the film would turn a super-dud. On the contrary, even an inane/insipid plot can be translated into interesting film, in the hands of a competent director. 

Similarly, without the Lord’s Supreme Power, even a slender grass blade can’t shake in life. But if God wills, even mountains can move miraculously!