Re-tendering issue creates row in CMC meeting

Re-tendering issue creates row in CMC meeting

The allegations on re-tendering of completed works by opposition BJP members and rejection by the ruling members created row in general body meeting of Udupi CMC on Saturday. 

The heated exchange of words between the ruling and opposition members created chaos in the meeting. 

However, the meet concluded with CMC President Yuvaraj not budging into the demand for clarification by the opposition. 

He stressed that the issue is being inquired by the Assistant Commissioner as directed by the Deputy Commissioner and action will be taken accordingly.

He reiterated that there was no irregularities in tender process, however some of the tender process was delayed in the wake of parliamentary polls. 

Yuvaraj also did not yield to the demand for the setting up of a committee to look into the completed works.

CMC Commissioner Srikanth Rao elaborated that the estimate for the works were done on March 5, 2014  but the works were not taken up during that time.

 Owing to the code of conduct, the work could not be taken up for more than two months. The tender process was initiated on May 19. 

There was a gap between estimate period and calling of the tender for the construction, during which the works were completed. 

There was no corruption and the tender schedule was given for those whoever has applied.

He said that the construction works were taken up under special SFC grant released by the government. The spot inspection has been completed. 

Out of 37 works taken up, 25 works have not been completed and 12 works have been partially completed. 

Dissatisfied with the reply, opposition leader M R Pai alleged that external powers are acting on behalf of president as the president of the house seems to be incapable.

Pai lamented that the Commissioner who is well aware of the rules and regulations of Panchayat Raj Act did not comply with the guidelines. 

Rebutting the charges, the President said he is open to all suggestions that helps in the development process. 

Meanwhile, Congress members Ramesh Kanchan and Shashiraj Kunder pointed that former BJP administration was not devoid of corruptions and they invoked the issue of allottment of door numbers to 30 illegal shops in the parking area.

 The BJP members do not have any moral right to preach ethics, Congress members flayed. Following the charges and counter charges the house fell into a din. 

Inclusion of GPs rejected

The members unanimously rejected the proposal from Deputy Commissioner seeking the opinion of the councillors in connection with the inclusion of seven Gram Panchayats—  Ambalpadi, Kidiyur, Kadekar, Kutpadi, Alevoor, Korangrapadi and Udyavara into Udupi CMC.

Opposition leader M R Pai said the proposal is not acceptable, as the house do not have sufficient funds to develop the Gram Panchayats.

 He said the five Gram Panchayats which were included to the CMC some years ago are still in the process of developing.

 Pai felt that though including Gram Panchayats is not a major issue, the issue of development of the region following the inclusion is. 

The drinking water and solid waste management problems will also pose major threat, he said.