Screamy sex romps put woman in a tight spot

Screamy sex romps put woman in a tight spot

Ear-splitting emotions

Caroline Cartwright, 48, had been given a four-year Asbo in April after neighbours, including a local postman and a woman taking her child to school, complained about the levels of noise.

The order was made to stop her from “making excessive noise” during the ear-splitting sex sessions with her husband Steve at their home in Concord, Washington, Tyne and Wear.

But on December 15, Cartwright admitted to breaching the Asbo, on April 18, April 22 and April 26, at the Newcastle Crown Court.

Despite her guilty pleas, Judge Beatrice Bolton said Cartwright will not go to jail when she is sentenced on January 18. “I am certainly not going to pass an immediate custodial sentence but I am going to order a pre-sentence report,” The Sun quoted judge Bolton as saying.

“This is not the usual sort of anti-social behaviour. The reason why I am asking for a pre-sentence report is because it is such an unusual case and this is the first breach.

“If it were to be a custodial sentence it would be suspended, I think, at this stage,” she stated. Cartwright, who last month had appealed against the Asbo by saying that she is “powerless” to control herself during romps, was granted bail to a hostel until the next court hearing.

Sunderland Magistrates made the order after she repeatedly breached a noise abatement notice made after more than 250 complaints from neighbours about her “shouting and screaming”.

Her grounds for appeal were that she is unable to control her vocalisation during lovemaking, and any attempt at restricting her behaviour is a breach of her human rights.

But a judge, sitting with two magistrates, threw out her appeal and dismissed her claim she was unable to control herself. “Frankly, we don’t believe her,” the judge added.