Post Dasara, vendors dump garbage in KR Market

Post Dasara, vendors dump garbage in KR Market

Post Dasara, vendors dump garbage in KR Market

As the City revelled in Dasara festivities, the garbage left behind in and around the busy marketplaces by the traders has left residents frowning. Visitors walking past the busy markets were seen holding their noses to avoid the stench. KR Market, one of the busiest markets was the worst hit.

The stretch from Market Road till Mysore Road was occupied by traders in the past few days on the occasion of Dasara festival. Traders selling banana leaves, mango leaves and flowers made brisk business. However, they dumped unsold banana and mango leaves at selling points itself once they packed their bags on October 14, the last day of Dasara. 

KR Market Flower Merchants’ Association president G M Diwakar said every time there is a festival, garbage crisis persists.

“In the last six days, around 50 tonnes of banana leaves were brought in by traders outside the market premises and more than 10 tonnes have been lying rotten. While the inside of market premises is maintained well, the outside areas have turned into an eyesore. Most traders were from Mysore Road, Hosur, Hoskote and outskirts of Bangalore,” he said.

Russell Market, too, was marred by garbage. According to the traders, for the last four days, Bruhat Bangalore Mahangara Palike ( BBMP) pourakarmikas did not visit the place and clean up the area. About 10 to 15 tonnes of dry and wet waste have been lying rotten since October 13, they rued. “About 40 per cent of traders here were selling banana leaves, flowers, puja items, vegetables, fruits among others. Some even performed pujas at their shops. Not just in Russell Market, even the neighbourhood Dharmaraja Koil Street is in a mess,” said Russell Market Traders Association General Secretary Mohammed Idrees Choudhury.

Out of compulsion

A trader from Madivala Market said he had got around 1,500 tonnes of banana leaves three days ago from Hosur, but was unable to sell about 250 tonnes. He said he was compelled to leave the unsold leaves at his place of business since he cannot carry them all the way back to his place.

Pourakarmikas did visit the place but could not lift all the leftovers.  

BBMP Pourakarmika and Health Gangmen Union General Secretary M Subbarayadu, said that on festival days pourakarmikas work from 6.30 am to 1.30 pm and it is half day for them. They are deployed in more numbers at KR Market and other busy marektplaces. “They cannot clear huge trash in such short span of time. It is the duty of traders not to dirty lanes. BBMP should bring out a law wherein fines are slapped on such vendors,” he said.

Palike official S S Khandre said that additional pourakarmikas were being deployed to clear trash, from October 14. It will take minimum of two days to clear piled up waste, he added.