Garbage chokes Kithaganur lake

Garbage chokes Kithaganur lake

A few vigilant residents of Srinivasa Nagar on Kithaganur Road, R K Puram are fighting hard to stop the Kithaganur lake in their area from becoming a mere statistic in a long list of dying lakes in the City.

The recent trend of dumping garbage in the lake has left them worried. “We have been living here for the past ten years and seen the lake in all its splendour. The dumping of garbage is something that has greatly disturbed us,” said a resident on the condition of anonymity. The residents got some reprieve recently when the dumping stopped for a while after they complained to a member of the Avalahalli Grama Panchayat. However, it has started all over again since two months and it continues even now.

“We have noticed trucks coming in and indiscriminately dumping waste. Even on Monday morning we confronted two tractors laden with garbage. When we questioned them, they showed utter disregard claiming the support of some local leader and said they would do whatever they want,” the resident said.

They also allege that a brick factory in the vicinity has been dumping its waste in the lake.
The local panchayat has been helpless so far and they have not been able to control the menace. 

“We really don't know who is dumping the garbage but will make every effort to find out and punish the culprits. We even met the tahsildar of East taluk on the issue and he gave us an assurance that he will do something about it,” said, a Panchayat Board member, Srinivasan V.

There are also two borewells that have been dug in the middle of the lake bed by the Zilla Panchayat to supply water to the neighbouring areas. 

According to environmentalist Dr Yellappa Reddy, the dumping of garbage will pose a serious health risk to people who drink water from this lake. 

“The fact that these borewells have been dug in a site where there is garbage shows the apathy of the authorities concerned. They seem to have no clue that mixing of groundwater with the garbage is extremely lethal and poses a serious health risk,” he added.