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Q & A ..

Q: I was scrolling back through my Facebook Timeline in my web browser and noticed some of my previous posts and photos weren’t there. How do I get them all back?
Facebook typically begins to just show you Timeline “highlights” after about a week. All your previously posted material is still there, but you have to find the menu option to display it.

To find the missing stories, start scrolling down your Timeline page. After you get about seven or eight days into the past, you should see a little gap in the posts and a small menu triangle next to the word “Highlights.” Click the menu triangle and select “All Stories” instead of “Highlights” to see your previous posts when you scroll through.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time scrolling, you can also jump to a more specific point in your Timeline by clicking the month or year on the vertical gray list to the right of the Timeline column. Click the “Highlights/All Stories” menu to see fewer or more Timeline items, or click the “More posts from (Date)” option between older batches of updates to see more from that selected time period.

Q: When I copy and paste text from a web page into a Microsoft Word 2011 document on my Mac, it usually comes in with strange fonts or sometimes in boxes. Is manually reformatting it my only solution?

You can avoid the extra reformatting work by using a variation of the standard paste command. Instead of selecting Paste from the Edit menu or using the Command-V keyboard shortcut to deposit the copied text into your Word 2011 file, go to the Edit menu and select Paste Special or use the Control-Command-V keyboard shortcut; Paste Special may also appear on the contextual menu when you right-click. 
This brings up a dialogue box with a few options, including one for “Unformatted Text.” Select it to paste the text - but not its previous formatting - into your document. 
If you have already formatted the text in your Word document, go to the Edit menu and choose “Paste and Match Formatting” to paste in the copied text with the same type size and style as the rest of the text around it.