'I'm very harsh on myself'

'I'm very harsh on myself'

'I'm very harsh on myself'

It’s a constant struggle for actors to hone their talent, work with integrity and retain the love for the art. But this is an interesting challenge for Irrfan Khan, who recently visited the City to promote the men’s platinum jewellery range by Abaran.

The actor, who has earned accolades for his role in films like Paan Singh Tomar,
Maqbool, ‘D-Day’, and more recently ‘The Lunchbox’, says that the films he chooses to work on relate to his mindset at the time.

“Sometimes you do one story and then look for its antidote because you want to experience something completely different from it. Different experiences are what this profession provides you.

Sometimes there are parts that attract you because you want to be in that space for some time and at others, the part itself is interesting but the space is very hard. But you make a choice, choose that part and go through with it. That’s when a beautiful
story comes out,” he says.

Irrfan’s resume also boasts of Hollywood films like ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and the upcoming ‘Jurassic World’, the fourth part of the ‘Jurassic Park’ series.

Speaking about the film, he says, “I have a pivotal role in the film. (Steven) Spielberg is involved and the director (Colin Trevorrow) is fantastic. It’s an immense production and the story is beautiful. I’ve finished one schedule and am going in July to do the rest.”

The actor is also excited about working on Shoojit Sircar’s Piku, which also
features Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan. “I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a beautifully written script by Juhi (Trivedi) and Shoojit is a director I respect because he has talent and integrity as a storyteller,” he states.

But does he regret doing films like Hisss and The Xpose that not only flopped but were very uncharacteristic of Irrfan? “I did The Xpose for money,” he admits. “I don’t usually do films like that and charged a bomb for a day.

I had to do it as I hadn’t done a film for a long time. I hope I don’t have to face such
days again and am working only on films that I am convinced about,” he elaborates.
Irrfan adds that he has always had a tendency of criticising himself and his

“I’m very harsh on myself and I don’t mind that. I like being ruthless with
criticism and this isn’t something that I’ve acquired but given by god. When I was a small kid, the first thing I learnt to say was ‘I’m shit. Just throw me out of the window’. It was a burden for me till a point that I understood what was going on. Once you get clarity, you enjoy seeing things more critically.  I’m critical about Bollywood and Hollywood for instance. But the way Bollywood is changing and the way the audience is forcing that change and evolving makes it a great time for the industry,” he says.

A fan of Bangalore, Irrfan says that he would love to stay here. “I wish I could live here. I’ve seen parts of Bangalore that are changing haphazardly without any design like a disease. But the City still has beautiful weather and there’s something very romantic about it,” he signs off.

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