DC wants route surveyfor issuing permits under JnNURM

DC wants route surveyfor issuing permits under JnNURM

Deputy Commissioner Muddu Mohan has directed the RTO to conduct a route survey in the wake of objections raised by the private bus operators against the introduction of city buses under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM).

Speaking after listening to KSRTC and private bus operators arguemnets here at RTA meeting on Monday, the DC has directed RTO Arun Kumar Singh to conduct route survey to know the routes with traffic potential before issuing route permission.

The RTA meeting has received 306 applications pertaining to grievances.

A total of 300 applications were shortlisted for hearing.

The DC said that he is against the objections raised by the private bus operators on the introduction of city buses as the plan laid down under JnNURM uphold the concept of urban life. He ruled out the monopoly of any single operators on the route.

Priority should be given to the convenience of the public, he stressed.

KSRTC, Bangalore Legal Officer Rajesh said that that there was no need for conducting a route survey as the KSRTC is a government undertaking.

There are 30 permits sought under JnNURM to run city buses in the district.

He said, as the route will cover Udupi and Mangalore, there is a need to consider District Magistrate (DM) notification over the issue. However, there is no need for territorial jurisdiction, as all applications were filed in Udupi. Udupi is a non monopoly sector.

The private buses are not allowed to enter on the scheme routes. He added that there are 21 scheme routes in Karnataka. JnNURM city buses are planned to run within 20 kilometres in the city limits.

The private bus operators counsel argued that JnNURM prohibits city permits.

The JnNURM is for overall development of the city and not confined to bus services alone.

The scheme can be implemented where there are no city buses.

Meanwhile, Udupi City Bus Owners Association President Suresh Nayak said that a detailed project report prepared concerning Udupi is unscientific and is prepared by the people who sit in Bangalore and are ignorant over the situation in Udupi.

JnNURM is very much essential for north India, where there are no city buses.

He added that route survey is mandatory for the clear demarcation of villages.

The impending 30 permits include city buses to run from Manipal to Brahmavar.

However Manipal and Brahmavar are not villages, he added.

Social activist Sudheer Kanchan said the rules supporting reservation for women, senior citizens and physically challenged in the buses are not implemented effectively. 

Besides, the conductor who stands on footboard pose problems for the commuters to board the bus.

He said that the permits issued for the city buses to run to the DC office route is of no use, as many buses do not run on the route. 

Replying to the grievance, the DC said that henceforth the police will conduct surprise visit to the buses.

Udupi Railway Yatri Sangha President R L Dias said that  if  city buses are introduced under JnNURM, then the buses should ply to railway station as well.