Crop loss in C'magalur dist estimated at ` 2.70 crore

Crop loss in C'magalur dist estimated at ` 2.70 crore

The district horticulture department officials have said that the loss to horticulture crops in the district due to lack of rainfall has been estimated at Rs 2.70 crore.

Horticulture crops have been cultivated on 6,011 hectare land. Potato is grown in several parts of Tarikere, Kadur and Chikmagalur taluks.

Potato has been cultivated on 1,127 hectare land this year and the government has to give a total compensation of Rs 50.17 lakh (Rs 4,500 per hectare) for potato crop loss.

Onion is grown on 3,695 hectare and the loss is estimated at Rs 1.66 crore during this season.

Tomato is grown on 598 hectare and the government will have to compensate Rs 26.91 lakh if there is crop loss.

Green chilly is grown on 581 hectare and the department has estimated the loss at RS 26 lakh.

The department had expected to grow potato on 6,500 hectare land, while it was 6,000 hectare last year.

The annual target for onion cultivation was in 8,900 hectare land and it has already grown on 3,695 hectare.

Last year the target was 7,900 hectare of which the crop was cultivated on 3,850 hectare land.

As far as tomato is concerned, the department had a target of growing tomato on 3,100 hectare of which it has been already grown on 598 hectare.

Last year the target was to grow tomato on 2,800 hectare and it was grown on 675 hectare land.

The department has a target of cultivating green chilly on 2,550 hectare land while it has been already grown on 591 hectare.

Owing to scanty rainfall, the saplings had been dried.

The officials said that vegetables grown by the farmers will be damaged if the region fails to get rain within three to four days.