The tough job of a cop


The Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic (MAAC) organised a press meet in the City to release a documentary titled ‘The Resilient Bangalore Traffic Cop’.

The document seeks to inform the audience about the life of the traffic cops of Bangalore. “We decided to make a movie that would capture the side of the cops that we are all unaware off. We always complain about them. And the message of this documentary is to abide by the rules. Only then the flow of traffic will be smooth and we can have a better City,” said Shajan Samuel, Senior Vice-President, MAAC.

The movie showcases the daily life of the cops and how they don’t have a fixed time. It also highlights how they have no time for their families. It depicts how much they have to sacrifice to be in this line. 

“The entire budget of the movie was about four lakh. Using Canon and Nikon cameras, the students went to various points in the City. They tried to capture the bitter life of the cops and how they work tirelessly for endless hours. All the shots in the documentary were candid ones,” said Anto Ramesh Paul, Zonal Technical Head - South, MAAC. 

The students, who worked on the documentary were excited, that their months of hard work had paid off. “They are the silent soldiers. We always see one side of their life and mostly complaint saying they are corrupt and annoy every motorist to make money. But if we don’t break the traffic rules, they have no reason to fine us,” said Sruthy S Moorthy, a student of MAAC.

The chief guest of this event was classical dancer Vani Ganapathy, who appreciated the talent of the students and also the theme of the documentary.

She said, “People always blame the traffic cops and police blames the public. We all leave late for our respective jobs and cause traffic jams and accidents because we are in a hurry. The biggest issue facing the City is traffic. Most of us are happy about the deadline being extended to 1 am. But for the cops, its more work and stress.”

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