Bisle Ghat road awaits repair

Bisle Ghat is listed as one of the 18 most diverse spots in the world in terms of flora and fauna.

The breathtaking Bisle Ghat is a stretch of beautiful adventurous spot between Subramanya and Sakleshpur.

However, for the visitors, the Bisle Ghat road is a Herculean task to traverse following the pathetic condition of the road. On the one hand the government is planning to repair the Shiradi Ghat road which provides connectivity from the port city to capital city.

However, an alternative route to reach Sakleshpura through Bisle Ghat is waiting for a repair since several years.

Despite the long-pending demand to repair the road, the elected representatives have neglected it.  If Bisle Ghat is repaired, then it would help people of Dakshina Kannada immensely.

Road neglected

The Bisle Ghat road provides connectivity to Bangalore, Somwarpet, Arkalgud and Ramnathpur via Sakleshpur, Shanivarasanthe and Holenarasipur through Subrahmnaya.

However, the road is filled with huge potholes and on several stretches, the surface of the road has been chipped off.

Many feel that the road should be upgraded before taking up the work on repairing Shiradi Ghat road to facilitate the road users.

 Earlier,  people from old Mysore province were using Bisle Ghat road to visit Kukke Subrahmanya temple. 

After the mud road was asphalted, the buses started plying on the road.

The department of Forest has set up  view points at various places on the route to facilitate the people to enjoy the scenic beauty of Bisle Ghat.

In fact, the route is considered to be one of the nearest route to reach Bangalore via Shanivarasanthe and Holenarasipur.

One can reach Mysore through Arkalgud and Ramanathapura.

The place is also known for  its scenic beauty and the devotees passing through the Bisle Ghat  visit Chowdeshwari Temple situated on the border of Dakshina Kannada district.

Residents of Subrahmanya said that the Bisle Ghat road should be developed to reduce the traffic on Shiradi Ghat road.

If the road is developed, the distance to reach Bangalore will also be reduced.

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