On a talent hunting spree

Keeping symbols as titles is not new to Upendra, who had titled his earlier directorial ventures with symbols of Om and A. Although the cast of the movie has not been finalised, it has already created much curiosity.

With just a symbol of a rock, a line and Lord Venkateshwara, he announced the producer of the film Rockline Venkatesh. “He has always been an innovative film-maker,” laughed the producer on reaction to the symbols.
Now the actor-cum-director Upendra has announced that he is on the look out for fresh talent on and off screen.

Though he has been busy finishing off the script, Rockline was there to comment, “That is something we have both decided. We wanted to give opportunity to new and fresh talent. So we have called for all newcomers who we can cast,” he added.

“There are series of criteria that they have to overcome plus they need to leave in their profile with a picture, so that we could contact them if they are shortlisted. We hope to fill in all the positions by the end of the month,” added Rockline. Upi sure does 

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